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"Mom! Dad!" I hear Jason shout from downstairs. I groan and turn around to face Dylan who is sleeping next to me, "Yes?" I shout back to Jason and chuckle as Dylan gets such a fright from my shouting that he falls off the bed.

"Please come down here! I have something to tell you!" he shouts. Dylan sits up from the floor and glares at me, "Just because you're my wife doesn't mean I won't hide your body in a river." he states and stands up.

Yes, you heard that right. Dylan and I got married eighteen years ago. I feel so old. I'm thirty nine and I know that is considered ancient. Damn, and the worst part is I am the mom that gets up and starts dancing when party rock anthem comes on the radio. I sing louder than my two children who start complaining from the back seat of the car as Dylan laughs at me.

Yes, you heard that right too. I have two children. My son; Jason Thompson is seventeen now. My daughter; Ria Thompson is three.

I guess a lot has changed in the last few years. Ruby surprisingly ended up with Ryan out of all people which I honestly didn't expect, Sebastian found a girl named Malaika when he went to university and years later, they got married as well. We are having a dinner tonight at a fancy restaurant down the road and all of our families are coming too.

We haven't separated after high school like a lot of people do, our children are actually friends with Sebastian's son and two daughters and Ruby and Ryan are married although they didn't have children, instead they adopted a little Chinese girl names Gina.

"Why the hell is Jason calling us down at eight in the morning? I need my sleep." Dylan complains and I roll my eyes, putting a gown over my body and walking down the stairs with Dylan reluctantly following.

"Jason, where are you sweetheart?" I ask, walking into the kitchen. Jason steps out of the food closet and I frown, "What were you doing in there?" I ask, confused.

Jason looks quite a lot like his father did. He has the same dark hair and tanned skin. "I was," Jason starts shaking, "I was coming out of the closet." he says and starts doing the jazz hands.

"You mean you're saying that you're..." Dylan starts. "Gay." Jason says and nods, looking down at his hands, "I'm sorry." he whispers.

"What? Honey, dont be sorry, that's amazing! I'm so proud of you," I hug my son tight and he starts crying on my shoulder, "Really?" he whispers.

Dylan smiles, "I cant blame you, son. Guys definitely look better." he says and poses and Jason laughs making me smile.

"Mom, dad, I want you to meet someone." he says and turns towards our front door, "You can come in Zayn!" Jason shouts and a young boy, the same age as Jason, walks into the house looking shy but smiling. He has black hair and brown eyes and an olive complexion.

Jason walks over to Zayn and holds his hand, "This is my boyfriend, Zayn." he states and smiles at Zayn. I grin and start jumping up and down, squealing.

I hug Zayn and then I hug Jason again, "Thank you for telling us, sweetheart." I say and kiss Jason's forehead.

"Mommy?" A small voice says beside me. I turn and my eyes go down to see Ria, my daughter, looking at all of us curiously.

"Yes Ria?" I ask and smile, tears making my eyes shine.

I'm so proud of Jason for not hiding who he is. Nobody should have to pretend to be someone they're not.

"What gay?" she asks and looks around at everyone.

We all laugh, including Zayn. I look up at Dylan who is smiling. He looks at me and shakes his head.

I look back down at Ria and bend down do that my face is im line with here. Her curious eyes stare wide at me, "You can ask your daddy." I state and chuckle, walking into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

"Daddy, what's a gay?" I hear Ria ask Dylan and I chuckle, pulling open the top.

"One second Ria, I'll come back to you just now, your mother is something else. I'm quickly going to go tickle that nerd."

I put my glass down, my eyes wide. He can't tickle me. Dylan walks into the kitchen with a smile and I go as far away from him as possible.

He chases after me and tackles me to the ground, laughing. Ria giggles when she sees us and I burst out laughing as Dylan tickles me.

He leans down to my ear and whispers, "Got you, nerd."



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