Chapter 1: The guy in the washroom

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Harry's Point of view:

I walked over to him with a big smirk on my face, should I kill him? No, he is just too innocent.

"Hey, baby straps." I laugh as I pull his suspenders away from him then let go and it hits his striped shirt.

"Ow. What's up curly." He laughs back. I was pissed but I didn't want to kill him.

"Fuck off." I push him and he stumbled back looking at me like I'm crazy.

"And what if I dont?" He was being smart and sassy with me, I very much did not like to be talked like this.

"If you don't I'll have to deal with you." I smirk, trying to be intimidating. It's not working on him.

"Oh is that so, how would you deal with me?" He asked as he moved closer.

"I would kill you." I glared at him, he takes what I said as a joke.

"You dont even know my name." He sassed. "You'd have to know my name first before you killed me." He smirks, he then grips onto my shoulders. Does he realize that he was about to be killed, I just told him I would kill him.

What's your name?" I asked as I flicked water in his face, he let's go of my shoulders.

"Louis, Louis Tomlinson.  I'm guessing you're some super hot psychopath." He moved closer, laughing at my face, then our hands touched.

Louis's point of view:

After our hands touched I knew that every word, every touch I wasn't safe, but there is something about him that makes me want to stay.

"Stay away from me." he moved his hand away from mine and rushed out of the washroom. He was beautiful, but there was something secretive about him. He was hiding something.

Harry's point of view:
(Back at his house)

"Fuck!" I yell. Louis is something, he weirdly wants to be around me but if he knew me that would not end well.

I walk down stairs and into a cracked stone door and I open it revealing my stress doll chained to the wall, his name is Niall.

"Please dont hurt me anymore!" Niall screamed in terror. I chuckle under my breath.

"Sorry but you're my stress doll, you're lucky I'm keeping you alive." I opened a tool box and I set the tools out on the table and I pick up some nails and a hammer.

"This little piggy went to the market!" I hammered one nail into his big toe. Niall screamed bloody murder.

"This little piggy stayed home!" I hammer another nail into his toe. Blood began to flow out of his foot. This is way too much fun.

"This little piggy had roast beef!" I hammer another Nail into his toe. It's too much pains for him to handle, he's just sitting there like a dead fish at this point.

" and this little piggy had none!" I hammer two nails into his last two toes, Niall screamed.

"And this little piggy ran all the way home!" I rammed the Hammer head into Niall's foot and he literally cries like a baby. This is so amusing.

"Shut up you little piece of shit!" I slap him in the face, I wipe some of the blood off the hammer with a cloth beside me.

"Im sorry Harry...." Niall sniffles,

"Its master." I spit on him, I then stood up from the crouching and I grab a knife and sliced two deep lines into his stomach. Niall can't take it much longer.

"Master , May I please have some water." Niall was in pain, the nice thing to do was give him water.

"Fine." I grabbed a huge pale and filled it with water and then I placed it in the middle of the room. "You can have some If you can reach it." I laugh and lock the stone door and walk up the broken wood stairs. All I can hear is Niall crying.
I wash the blood stains off my hands and I strip naked. I get under my blankets and I turn on the news.

"2 men found dead in a hotel, we are still trying to find suspects." I laugh and turn off the tv then looked at my phone. I had a message.

Sent From unknown number-
Hey curly, I found your number so you might as well add me to your contacts.

Really? He doesn't know what he is getting his self into. How the hell did he find me without knowing my name?

Sent To Unknown number-
Oh hey baby straps! why are you stalking me?? Do you realize what your getting your self into? How did you find me? You don't even know my name.

I set my phone down on my night stand and I can hear rustling down in the basement. I don't feel bad for Niall, not one bit. Niall wouldn't of had to deal with all this pain, but he is the one that made me do this to him so it's not my fault. It's his.

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