Chapter 4: Spar, vs. Souji and A Deal

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Sorry for the long wait. I'm saying in advance that sorry if the spar is a bit stupid and if the chapter is a bit short.


 " You did win against Saito-kun. But let's see if you can defeat me: Souji smirked. Sayuri showed hime her serious look. Souji then walked down the stairs and stood i front of her, about 3 feet away. He then pulled out his katana and attacked her. She quickly pulled out her latana and blocked his attack. Souji then backed away.

"That was fast to block my attack. But, do you think you can keep up ?" he said, then did his fight stance.

" How about we make a deal to make this spar more interesting ?" he added

" Okay then. So, what's the deal ?"

" You will know later" Souji then attacked her again but Sayuri continued on blocking.

" Stop defending and start attacking" Souji said while keep on attacking her. She then tried to attack him but he dodged it. She then disappear and attack him from behind, but the tactic didn't work because Souji blocked it . Just like what Saito did during his spar with Sayuri.

Now it's her turn throwing attacks on Souji, but dodges her attack. She then backed away.

' This is harder that I though'

Souji then attacked her. Sayuri then did the same tactic on how she defeated Saito. Badly, it didn't work.

When she was about to attack him, he disappear. She then felt a cold thing behind her neck.

'He wasfast. How did that happen ? I just saw a silver or white hair. What was that ?' Sayuri thought scaredly

" You lose, Sayuri-chan" Souji said with a smirk. He then put his katana back to it's sheath. His hair then changed to his original color. He then coughed hard. He then kneeled on the ground. He took his white handkerchief and covered his mouth. Sayuri walked towards Souji  and placed one of her hand on his back. Souji stopped coughing. When he removed the handkerchief, there's splatter of blood.

" It's your tuberculosis, is it ?" Sayuri asked with a worried look. Souji looked at her.

" Chizuru-chan told you ?" Sayuri nodded, Souji then stood up.

" Don't tell any one about it" Souji muttered, Sayuri nodded again. Everyone then walked towards them.

" Are you alright, Souji ?" Kondou asked

" I'm fine, Kondou-san" Souji replied

" By the way, what's the deal ?" Sayuri's tun to ask.

" You had a deal ?" Shinpachi gave the both of then a confused look.. Souji kept on staring at Sayuri.

' When the hell are you gonna stop staring at me, Souji' Sayuri thought nervously.

" Since I won, my deal is that I'm going  to give you a tour around town" Souji then grinned.

" T-that's it ? I thought that your going to say that I would be your slave for a week or so. Because I know that's out deal when we were kids" she yelled while poking Souji's chest.

" I want to change it for once. And if I did make you as my slave, maybe you will get lost here in Kyoto" Souji explained with a smirk

" And if you did get lost, Hijikata-san will kill me" Souji added

" You got that right" Hijikata then crossed his arms.

" Minna, lunch is ready" Chizuru shouted. Everyone headed to the dining area. Everyone had fun talking with each other about ther fun memories with Sayuri. But the two girls didn't join the guys conversation by having their own conversation.


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