Chapter 51- Spiderman

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Chapter 51- Spiderman

I hear a knock on my door, "Sweetie! Can you get that?" My mom shouts. They have been in and out of the house quite a bit because their business is doing really well right now and I am actually quite proud of them.

They must be really exhausted which kind of sucks because I don't see them around the house as much as I used to.

I sigh and get off my bed, there is no way I am changing just to answer the door. It could just be one of those irritating sales people and I dont give two flying potatoes if they see me in my awesome blue pajamas.

I walk down the stairs and pull the door open. "Hi." he greets, wearing grey sweatpants and one of his hoodies. Oh yeah, I still have his hoodie. Too bad, it's mine now.

"Hi." I say and look down at his hand that is holding a bunch of white and black roses. He lifts them up and I scrunch my nose, "I hate roses. They're too cliché." I state and Dylan frows, "Oh." he puts the roses down on the floor and stands to face me again and I chuckle, "I'm just kidding." I say, smiling.

Why am I smiling? Just seeing him makes me happy. Is that I good reason to forgive him. I really want to forgive him. I don't know if I am being one of those stupid friends that forgive their boyfriends even though they shouldn't or whatever.

Dylan stares down at me so intensely that I want to hide behind the door, after a few second of him staring at me, I frown, "Is there something on my face?" I am genuinely curious because I have been crying and stuffing my face with popcorn since I got home so its possible.

He shakes his head and looks away, "No, I'm sorry, it's just your smile..."

I knew it, there's something in my teeth, isn't there? "Your smile is so beautiful, Maya." he whispers, not meeting my eyes.

I lift my hand to slap him. I just want that relief because my eyes have been drained of tears and it's his fault. His hand catches my wrist and stops me. He slowly looks up at me and smirks, "Aww, that wasn't very nice, princess." Dylan states.

I lift my other hand but he catches it by the wrist as well. I try to tug my hands away but he doesn't let me go. He smirks at me, pushing me backwards and shutting the door behind him with his foot.

My back hits a wall and I can't go any further. I start panicking, I tried to hit him again. All he did was say my smile is beautiful. What was I thinking?

He leans down and presses his lips against mine. After a few seconds he lets my wrists go and wraps his arms around my waist, pulling me into him. He deepens the kiss and I kiss him back, wrapping my arms around his neck. He smiles and bites my lip and I blush. He pulls back and looks down at me, "Please forgive me." he says with a smile. I nod and smile back at him, "I forgive you." I state.

"Maya, who is that?" my mom shouts from upstairs.

"Uh... It's..." I look at Dylan and then I look up at the stairs to see my mom coming down. She smiles when she sees Dylan, "Who is this?" she asks and I look at Dylan with a smile, "This is Dylan, my..." What is he? I don't know what he is. I want to him to be my boyfriend but he did break up with me so I don't know. "Boyfriend." Dylan answers for me and wraps his one arm around my waist, pulling me into him. "Boyfriend." I whispers and smile at my mom.

Is this even real?

I feel like I am being stupid but I really like him and I'm confused. I don't know what to do.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about something." he says and walks to my door, pulling it open, "She forgives me!" he shouts and I hear people cheering.

I frown and walk to the door to see an entire crowd of people, they all cheer again when they see me and I blush, looking down at my fluffy pajamas. Now I really wish I changed.

At the front of the crowd is Ruby, Ryan and Sebastian as well as the girl that kissed Dylan. What is she doing here?

They walk up to me and the girl hugs me, "I'm so sorry Maya. I didn't know you two were together or I wouldn't have kissed him, I swear I had no idea." she smiles at me and I smile back, "It's okay."

Ruby looks at me and she starts jumping up and down, squealing, which makes me even happier and I start jumping with her, laughing.

Sebastian pulls me into a hug and I hug him back, "You're a weirdo." he says and I just smile at him.

I can't stop smiling. I turn to look at Dylan and he is grinning like a bush baby. Do bush babies even smile? I don't know. Oh well.

"How about we go to the movies?" Sebastian says to Ruby, Ryan, Dylan and I and we nod.

The rest of the crowd leaves and my friends come into my house.

"Let's watch the new Magic Mike." Ruby suggests.

"No, I want to watch the Incredibles four." Ryan says and pouts.

"Guys! We freaking have to watch the new pirates of the Caribbean movie!" Dylan shouts.

"Come on guys, the new Spiderman!" Sebastian says.

"Ooh, what about the new fast and furious?" Ryan adds.

"Despicable me three!" Dylan says and laughs.

"What about Ascendant from the divergent series?" Ruby asks.

"Get smurfy!" Ryan shouts and we all laugh. "The death cure! Oh my God, Pleeeeeeeeease! We have to! Dylan O'Brien!" Ruby shouts. I roll my eyes at the the weird people I call friends.

I'm so glad I have them.




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