Celeste found her in that position when she came back, however long that took. Hailie had thought to go call her but she couldn't get her legs to move. When she checked her watch it had been less than five minutes.

"Celeste, please give him something to numb the pain," Hailie said.

"I don't know what to give him or how much since I'm not even sure if he's aware enough to be feeling pain."

"He is."

"How would you know?"

Hailie finally took her eyes off Eli's face and looked at Celeste. "Please keep this a secret. Eli told me not to tell anyone."

"Yes, I promise. Now how do you know?"

Hailie opened her hand to reveal the three pearls. "I felt it when I touched him. Not physically but when I touched him I just knew it. My pearls can tell me what he feels. I do not know how or why. All I know is that it does and that he is in pain and that if he lasts two days we will be lucky."

Celeste held the pearls in her hand and felt Eli's forehead. "I don't feel anything."

"I do not know why they do not work for you. Maybe it is because I have carried them with me for years why I can use them but I know he is. Please give him something."

"Describe the pain."

Hailie was surprised Celeste believed her that quickly, but she wasn't about to complain. "His skin feels as if it is on fire. Like getting a burn. His muscles feel like they are... um... like they are tightening and relaxing quickly."

"Muscle spasms?" Celeste asked.

"Yes and it hurts here," Hailie said, gesturing to her abdominal region. "And he has a headache. His right arm is hurting the most. Is it normal to have all those things? It seems like a lot."

"For such a serious sting and considering the last time he got stung he almost died, and that wasn't anything close to this, then I would have to say yes. It is completely possible and very likely. It's not unusual for allergic reactions to get worse every time you come into contact with the thing you are allergic to. Rate the pain on a scale of one to ten. Ten meaning it's unbearable."

"An eight or a nine. Not a ten."

Celeste rubbed her eyes. "Hailie please leave. I need to do something that Eli would not like you to see."

She stood up. "Okay."

"Wait, are you sure you don't have any reaction? Nothing at all?"

Hailie shook her head. "I touched the jellyfish but I was not stung."

"I would explain to you why that's not what happens but that seems like a waste of time." Celeste threw a small bag at her. "This is what we need."

"How much?"

"A good bit. For a reaction this bad I have to give it to him every four hours. We only have enough for one day. If it was a normal sting we'd have enough for four or five days."

"It will take us a day just to reach the island."

"I'll try to stretch it but it still won't last long. I can't get a full two days' worth. When we get there we have to get the moss as quickly as possible. It would be best if they have a supply on hand but if not... well we'll have to hurry."

"Eli will not die," Hailie said. Celeste didn't answer her.

Hailie went to the dining hall. Zigzag, Lilly, Faith and Benji and Gordon were sitting around the table. Tom and Dylan were sitting together a little distance away.

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