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Jack P.O.V

After his little...episode with Mark, Jack immediately set off towards Sunny Side, the home in which his Ma was currently locked up in. Honestly he didn't really mind the place, it was far better than some of the places his Ma had been shoved into by idiotic councils back in Ireland who thought they knew everything. But still, that didn't mean he liked the place either, he just didn't despise it completely.

Sunny Side did have it's perks. One of which was Felix Kjellberg, the Swedish carer who Jack's Ma absolutely adored. Even though Jack had only been in America for a few weeks he had stayed in his Ma's room, sitting beside her bed and just talking, every single day. Sometimes he would stay for the entire day, telling her little stories he knew she would have forgotten by the next day, and others she couldn't physically keep herself awake any longer than ten minutes but Jack would be by her bed anyway. Watching over her like she had done for him as a child.

Through this schedule Jack grew closer to Felix who, by the third day, gave up on trying to shoo Jack out of the room when visiting hours were over and instead sat beside him and talking to him for a bit about video games which they both had a passion for.

Today Jack guessed that Felix must be having his lunch late because when he walked into his Ma's room she was alone, flicking through one of her many magazines, her eyes lingering on the bright pictures. Jack knew that she found it too frustrating to focus on reading the actual words these days, now she was like a child who leafed through a book just to look at the illustrations between the writing.

When she heard the door click shut she looked up, her face splitting into her familiar smile as soon as she saw him. "Hello!" She chirped happily before adverting her eyes back to the pages.

Jack could tell she was having one of her good days. On these days she was more aware of her surroundings and normally could form a decent understanding of anything being said to her. Jack loved to spend these days just talking to her because it was like nothing had changed. She was still his Ma, deep down where the sickness hadn't reached, she was still the person she used to be. She just couldn't remember who that was sometimes.

He sat in his normal chair beside her, the light from the window shining into the room and illuminating her joyful expression. He let a small smile grow on his lips. "Hey Ma. How're you feeling today?"

She didn't remove her eyes from the magazine but after a few seconds she did answer, her voice stronger than he had heard in a long time, the homely accent comforting to hear. "Good. The doctor says I'm sick, though. So I can't leave yet."

The green haired boy nodded at the answer. His Ma easily got confused these days, muddled at the complexity of the world. She had been known to slip completely into hallucinations at a moments notice and she could become frustrated when she couldn't remember things she thought she should. It broke Jack's heart to see her like that, so angry at herself when it wasn't her fault in any way shape or form.

"I'm sorry I couldn't come yesterday, Ma. I was a bit clumsy and-" Jack began but suddenly his Ma cut him off.

"You were here. I told them you would and you came." She said insistently.

Jack held back a sigh, ignoring the statement and instead stood up out of his old brown seat and moved over to his Ma's locker where he'd left his packet of skittles to brighten the dull room up a little. Grabbing a handful of the sweets he grinned happily at his Ma.

"Have I told you about my new school yet, Ma?" He asked, a genuine smile gracing his features.

She shook her head from side to side, throwing her magazine down onto the floor, curling up in her bed eager for a new story.

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