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*before the date* 

I wake up in a empty king size bed that is not mind. My eyes adjust to the light I start seeing a big ass room with white walls. I turn around and panic so confused. I try to get up but my legs don't work. 

"Oh you up" Raven say smirking. 

"Where the hell am I" I say coldly. 

"my place" she says sitting on the bed. She had on girl boxer and a bra.  

"Wait y can't I feel my legs why am I here?"I ask. 

"Well the shot I injected in you numbs your body and puts u to sleep your legs gotta catch up and your here because I missed you" she say getting beside me. 

"So you fucking kidnap me" I say. 

"I wouldn't say kidnap I would say borrowed oh that reminds me" she says and gets up. I look down I'm in my panties and my bra fuck she stripped me. 

"Your aunt said aight stay outta trouble" Raven says coming in the room reading my phone. 

"what the fuck you text my aunt" I ask pissed off. 

"Relax baby I just told her u were staying over Miranda's house for the weekend" she says with a laugh. This bitch is crazy. 

"Are you fucking insane Raven" I ask her face brightens 

"just a little hey I haven't seen you in 3 years I miss you" she says climbing on top of me. I freeze god she looks sexy climbing up the bed like that. In the mist of her moving up on me she moves her hand up thighs. she get to my neck and starts kissing it. I stifle a moan she will not get her way. She licks my neck slightly and goes straight to my spot and starts sucking. Okay maybe she get her way. 

"Damn I missed that sound" she say referring to the moan I didn't know I let out. She slips under the blankets with me. She pulls off my bra and panties. Right when her hands start to explore it is a knock at the door. 

"Damn it" she say and gets up. I unwillingly look at her ass damn it look so soft and bigger then it was.  

"What" she says opening the door. I see a huge guy in a black suit whispers something in her ear. 

"Shit" she says she goes to her closet put on shorts and a shirt. She leaves the room. I wait a while then get up. I find my clothes and put them on. the window is right there I try to lift it but its locked. 

"Fuck" I say and crack the door I don't see her any where so I slip out. I peak over the stairs and she isn't down there so I walk down. The steps spiral down. I get downstairs and the living room is what I see first. It big got a huge flat screen TV. The couch is a black loveseat there's a glass table in the middle with glass side tables. The carpet is white and only in the living room area the rest is hard wood floors. I turn to see a huge kitchen granite counter tops a large counter like thing in the middle of it. It has two of everything. I keep walking and make my way to the front door which is locked too. 

"Damn it" I say. I turn but I feel a cloth over my mouth and then shit goes black. 

I wake up in the say bed again. 

"Fuckkk Raven are you serious" I whine. my eyes adjust again I see her coming out the shower no towel but her body is wet and so is her hair. I see her p*ssy my mind instantly goes to wondering if it tasted the same. She always tasted like cotton candy honestly she did. I was told by her I tasted like honey. 

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