Chapter 7 - "Break It Down"

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"Who'll be the judge?" Jim asks.

Mr. Kevin steps forward. "I suppose I will."

Marmie raises an eyebrow, "Uhh, no offense, but--"

Mr. Kevin raises his hand. "I saw the birthing of hip-hop. I know a fair amount about the genre. I may have even won a few rap-battles myself." He tilts up his glasses proudly. The unwelcome image of Mr. Kevin in his checkered sweater and high-waisted khakis spitting out raps pops into my brain.

Crush interrupts, "Hold up, I can't --"

But it was too late. The beat picks up, and I can feel it racing through my veins. Lester takes a step forward, and the battle is on.


My plan's already in place, there's nothing to compete

You can't slow my pace, so stop this silly beat


L-listen up older brother,

Stop this or I'll call our mother

We don't have to fight one another

Destroy the satellite and let's be t-to-gether

Mr. Kevin remarks from beside me, "Hm. Together was a rough rhyme, but I'll let it pass." Was he seriously critiquing this?


You think you can beat me?

Your brain is measly,  you're beneath me,

and your hair looks like a blueberry.


My hair may be blue,

but it's got more style than you.



Snap, that rap was blazing.

Wait is the ground shaking?


Oh god, here it comes. Truth-quake confession number one.

Yo, Marmie, I think you're really hot. I'd be lying if I said I didn't like you a lot.

I'm sorry I act like a jerk, I just don't understand how feelings  work

I gotta come clean, I like to dance and sing,

And I can't stop thinking about you and me

Also, I punch nerds, cause I'm insecure



Woah, dude.


Sorry, was that rude?


Those raps were sicker than my aunt after a few holiday liquors.

The ground shakes some more.

Mr. Kevin:

Confession number two, I don't hate my wife

I still love her, she's the light of my life

She's like an angel from heaven--


I'm sorry about that Mr. Kevin.

Maybe you should talk it out?

Mr. Kevin:

It wouldn't do any good, she just likes to shout.

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