Meet Lucy

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Natsu's Pov~

Man Gajeel knows how to throw parties! God I'm sore from all the dancing. Good thing I didn't drink much today.

I was walking home a bit exhausted from partying at Gajeel's, who is one of my best friends. Although we may have our differences he always has my back as I have his....

My thoughts of the party were faded away as I heard some small whimpers from the alley close by. I looked around but no one was here so I got closer to the sounds.

As I turned into the alley I saw a huge cardboard box and a dirty old towel sticking out from it.


I heard it again and I kneeled down turning on the flashlight on my phone and to my surprise it was a girl. She was covered in a bigger towel that laid over her head and around her body. She had blonde hair that looks like it hasn't been washed. Her big brown eyes were full of innocence. She looked up at me and nervously scooted back to the wall.

..poor girl...

"H-hey don't worry...I won't hurt you. Are you okay?" She didn't answer me.

"Come on.. let's get you some clean clothes and get you washed off" I smiled sweetly at her extending my arm out so she could take it.

She hesitated for a while and took it. She stood up, I was about a foot taller than her...about.. we began to walk home as I held her shivering body close.

I sneaked her in my dorm because they wouldn't have let her in since she doesn't go to this university. She still had the big dirty towel on, she didn't say anything along the way..I gave her a big shirt and some boxers leading her to the bathroom. I got the bath ready and stood by the door.

"Get washed and changed. Then well contact a relative of yours okay?" She looked at me with a forced smile and just nodded as I closed to the door and went to change.'s been more than an long does it take to get cleaned off??..
I went to the door and knocked softly.

" you done?" Nothing.
"H-hey blonde I'm coming in" Nothing. Crap! W-what if she drowned??

I busted the door open and saw her as she was all soaked wearing the long shirt without putting her arms in the sleeves and the boxers on her head. She was not even cleaned because there was still dirt in her hair...w-what what the hell are those?! E-ears?!

"..Nya?" She tilted her head as...her tail behind her swished??? A tail!? S-she's a fricken cat!

"W-what ...are....w-who are you??" I asked standing by the door in shock.

"L-Lucy nya"


she nodded .

"" get sick since the clothes is is she...and she's not even properly cleaned...t-the shirt is soaked! I got a slight nosebleed. I-I can see her breasts clearly!! Fuck there huge! W-what what the hell I'm being a perv to a girl I just met! How gross of me////

"H-how about we get you cleaned" I said nervously. It's just her she doesn't have to get naked...but I'd have to tell her where things go..

She nodded and began to take off the shirt.

"W-wait! Y-you don't have to do that...we're just gonna wash you hair okay?"

"Okay nyaa" she smiled and sat on a chair against the sink and leaned her head back. I turned on the water and wet her hair. I grabbed some soap and scrubbed it all over her hair and when I touched her ears she giggled.

"O-oh gomen" I slightly blushed

"I-it's okay it just tickles when someone else touches them nya" she said nervously

After I washed her hair and dried it I gave her another shirt and this time she put it on right along with some boxers.

" can use my phone to call a relative of yours"

Luce came out of the bathroom throwing the towel in th hamper

"...relatives Nya?..."she looked confused.

"Yea a relative, like a"

"N-no...I-I don't have family nya"

".....what do you mean? You don't have a family?"

".. I-i can't remember.."

"..hmm..nothing at all? You can't remember if you don't have a family?"we sat down on my bed.

"I-I don't remember...a-all I can remember Nya is from three days ago until now..." Luce looked down confused and apologized

" don't need to apologize....I'm your friend" I smiled at her as her eyes widened and she blushed a bit. "F-friend Nya?"

"Yup! So if you need anything you can count on me to help. Also...I'll let you stay here...but you'll have to help with chores ...until you can rememebr anything that is..until then...mi casa es su casa...and make sure no one sees're in a university dorm..and if any of my friends see you they'll freak...especially the faculty..they'll kick you deal?"

She smiled and nodded "deal!" Her tail swishing happy. I couldn't help but chuckle. Suddenly I heard her stomach growl and her face turned red.

"Haha come one..let's get you some food"

We sat down at the small table I had and gave her something to eat.
After that we talked a bit and went to sleep. I let her stay in my room and I slept on the couch.

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