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In Seoul High School girls were screaming like a crazy because of the mysteirous boys EXO-K.EXO-K was the mysterious and famous boys of the school.In the group there were six members Kim Junmyeon also known as Suho the leader and oldest member of the group,Byun baekhyun 2nd oldest of the group,Park Chanyeol happy virus of the group.D.o Kyungsoo also known as DO cook of the group,Kim Jongin also known as Kai dancer of the group and maknae of the group Oh Sehun.
They were perfect in every aspect from studies to sports also they had interest in music so they were good in singing and dancing too. They had pretty face and body which used to drive every girl crazy in the school.But nobody knew where they came from or who actually they were?Nobody knew their real identity.They were perfect in the eyes of people but deep down in their heart they knew they were not as perfect as other think.They held a secret which nobody knew.So they didnot talk much with other students.Every boy envy them every girl would do anything just to be with them except APINK.

APINK was the 6 member girlgroup.They had cheerful and friendly personality.Park Chorong was the leader and oldest of the group.Other members were Yoon Bomi,Jung Eunji,Son Naeun,Kim Namjoo and maknae of the group Oh Hayoung.They had pretty face and body with sharp mind.They were one of the top students of the school.Not only in studies they were good in sports too. They always had passion for music and use to practice singing and dancing in free time.They had many fanboys but not as much as EXO-K fangirls.But they didnot care about them.Like all the other girls of the school they were not crazy for EXO-K boys.In a way they were different from other girls in the school.They always think EXO-K as their schoolmate not more than that.

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