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Your Pov

Days had passed since we've finally gotten back to Ireland. I decided I will stay there and live with Jack because I officially hate my family since the skating accident. I'm glad the baby is alright, besides Jack, it's the most important thing in my life.

"Hun what ye' want for dinner?" Jack asked as we sat there cuddling on the couch. I had totally zoned out.

"It doesn't matter," I kissed his forehead, "this time you should choose." He always made me choose what we had for dinner.

"PIIIIIIZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAA ROOOOOLLLLLLLSSSSS!" Jack yelled loudly which made me have to hold my ears.

"I bought a new bag yesterday, 72 count." I uncovered my ears and smiled at him. He got up, lifted up my shirt and kissed my tummy, then went to the kitchen. Jack would be a great dad but I don't know if I would be a great mother.. "Hey Jack.."

"Yes Hun?" I heard a voice come from the kitchen.

"I think I may have to take a parenting class. I don't know a thing when it comes to raising a child.." I grabbed a pillow and cuddled it, "I'm nervous now."

"Don't be nervous," Jack put a plate of 72 pizza rolls into the microwave, "It will be fine, you'll be a great mother." Somehow Jack made me feel a little better. It's almost been 5 months so hopefully we will get to see the gender of the baby. I really hope it's a girl.. I always wanted a little girl to take care of.

"Jack, we need to get me some maternity clothes." I grabbed Jack's hand as we walked around town together.

"Well were do they sell those types of clothing at Darlin'?" Where did they sell maternity clothes..? I decided to search it up on my phone.

"Apparently there is a store 10 minutes away from here that sells clothes for my size."

"Ok then let's go." Jack squeezed my hand and we started walking.

This place was so weird. It was a clothing store made for pregnant people. They had dresses, bathing suits, tank tops, graphic tees, flannels, they had everything. It was kinda magical.

"I brought 100 dollars so pick whatever you would like." We walked through the store together, hand in hand. The first place we went to was the flannels because I loved flannels, especially black and red ones. They had all sorts of colors in all sorts of baby bump sizes. It was so magical. I found a section of black and red flannels but I didn't know what size I was so I tried on two and I found one that fit. I pretty much bought the entire store.

"Jack, I have a doctors appointment tomorrow." I said while ending the phone call between me and my doctor.

"Wait does this mean?"


I hope you enjoyed this chapter and I'm getting married today.

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