“Come on Steve! You have to show Matthew!” I batted my eyelashes with my best puppy dog face. Matthew looked up at my face and then looked back at Steve with his own puppy look.

“What are you trying to get him to do now?” Joshua said looking like his old self for the first time in ages.

“I really want him to show Matthew his angel wings.” I explained before turning my gaze back on the tall man in front of me.

“Since when does a wolf have wings?” Jeff asked tossing his paper plate into the fire.

“So he can live with the hunters of the sky.” Marie’s voice shook with merriment as she tried to sound like some kind of sage.

“Now why did you have to bring this up again?” Steve shook his head at me. Ducking my head, I made a face. Steve bent down and picked up Matthew from my lap and stood him up on some rocks. “You see, I’m double jointed in my shoulder blades, I can pop them back and-”.

“And the first time I saw him do it I called him an angel.”

“She was about five years old!” Marie defended me against her brothers’ snickers.

“So it stuck.” Steve chuckled softly before turning around to show Matthew. I watched as Matthew touched Steve’s back in wonder. I sat back and looked at my family and felt such pride and peace. ‘I will fight to keep this.’ I thought, Steve’s gaze met mine across the camp ground and we shared a nod.

I would fight to keep my family together to keep these happy memories growing and to insure the future of my pack.


The week started off with Verity leaving once more. What she told the others I didn’t care but I needed to speak to the prophetess herself. Something wasn’t settling well and the unease was setting every fiber of my being on edge. Luckily Matthew was a great distraction and I set aside time every night to spend with him.

“Just about that time.” Christopher spoke from nearby. Nodding my head I continued planning a trip to visit the new pack territory. Kelli, Maria and Joshua were going and while Steven wanted to go as well I was planning something else for him.

“He’s not a baby you could just leave him with the cook and take me up on my offer.” Marcus teased from the chaise lounge by my desk where he constantly sprawled out on every chance he could.

“Chris, could you take this to my suite for me?” I pulled all my documents together and handed them to the bewildered guard. He arched his brow, silently asking me if I was sure. Nodding I stepped over to him and saw him out the door with my notes.

“At last we are alone.” Marcus came up behind me. Careful not to touch me I felt him inhale my scent.

“You want to be alone?” I let my voice become very soft and light as I spun around to face him my back against the door. His eyes lit up taking an amber glow to them but he remained silent. “Well then why don’t you sit back down and I’ll make sure the coast is clear.” He took a couple steps backwards his eyes never leaving mine. Shaking my finger at him I motioned him to close his eyes. A perverted smiled came over him and as he shut his eyes I ducked out of the door sprinting all the way down the hall and into the kitchen. My boots slid across the floor and I burst into giggles as I grabbed the counter before I fell.

“And what has you so happy?” Rita asked as she and Marie were chatting while they cooked.

Through my giggles I managed to tell them what I had done to Marcus and before you knew all three of us were laughing.

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