Ghostly Love

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I was living my own life until I saw her. She lives next door. I've never seen her around during the day, she's only around during the night or when the sun is drawn. It's kind of suspicious. Is she my imagination? Am I going crazy? Do I want love this much?

I know everything about her, yet I don't even know her name. Does she even have a name? I have never talked to her before. Weird right? I'm shy and neighbours may think i'm crazy if she's just my imagination and i'm talking to thin air.

Days long until I see her at night. Her being is what brings colour to my pale life.

I wait every night waiting for her to appear, to watch her beauty. As the sun falls, I sit my backyard, waiting for her.

She appeared walked outside from her house and sat on her lawn chair. Her curly hair flushered with the wind as she picked up a book. her hair was red, you know not really red but poeple call it ginger. Her blue eyes gazed off into the herizon. Her skin, her skin is what makes her beautiful, its almost...transparent.

 For the first time I think I should introduce myself. I look around to see if anyone was around. Coast is clear. I wlaked up to my fence which borders her house and mine. I put my hands on it and I jump on. She was starteled at first and relaxed when she noticed it was me.

 "Hey my names Jason, I don't think we've met before. What's your name?" Good intoduction, check.

"Hold on, you can see me?" She's real. "How can this be happening?" she muttered under her breath. This isn't going well.

"What do you mean, should I not be able to see you?"

"Yes, I am a ghost, no one should be able to see me," she looked worried. Should i be scared? "Follow me."

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