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“Do you know who I am?” Mud asked her wolf.

“No. Wolves don’t start developing until your teen years and since you lost your memories when you were child my own memories are blank.” Mud sighed. “Why not check with Seth about their search for any Romania packs.”

“Good idea.”

“What’s a good idea?” Seth asked as he entered her room. She hasn’t seen him since this morning in the music room.

Mud sat up, “did you find anything about Romania.” Saying that Seth grew tense which confused Mud. “Did you?”

“Uh no we did not. We still are waiting to get the information.” He said rather quickly and forced a smile. Mud scrunched her eyes, knowing he was lying. Why would he hide something like this from her? What was wrong about it? “Are you hungry?” Seth changed the subject. Mud shook her head, still wanting to know what he was hiding. “Seth, what aren’t you telling me?”

Seth couldn’t do it. He could not lie to her. “Come with me.” He grabbed her hand and led her outside into the forest and stopped a small clearing. It was lit up by the full moon. Mud gasped as it seemed she was so close to the moon. “The full moon.”

“I like coming here to clear my head.” He frowned. “Mud, we did find something but I’m afraid to tell you.”

She looked away from the moon and at him. “You told me that no matter how much I was afraid to find out, it’s not who I am. I am ready to learn who I am. Now please.” In the moonlight Seth could not help but stare at her in awe before continuing.

“You’re right. I just don’t want to see you in pain.” Mud stayed silent, waiting for him to start. He sighed, “there was one pack in Romania called the Blood pack. Does it sound familiar?” Mud began thinking. The name made her head feel uncomfortable. “Well, it was not a small pack but it was the only one there before.”

“Before what. Seth please.”

“The Blood pack was wiped out by another pack from London. Everyone either left or died.” Mud stopped breathing for a moment as she had the strangest feeling to cry and it was not because she was hearing something sad. “The Alpha and Luna of the pack were killed on their way here, found in a boat, and Mud, it says they had a daughter who was lost.”

Mud looked at him. Could this be true? “How long ago was it?”

“The same time you first went to that island.” Mud gasped. “And, does it have their names?” Seth shook his head. “Oh.”

“I’m so sorry Mud.” Mud did not listen to him as she began thinking. If this is true, and the girl is her, that means her parents were the Alpha and Luna of this pack, and they were killed. “It makes sense,” she mumbled. “I always believed my parents were dead and this confirms it.” She felt Seth wrap his arms around her waist from behind. “Can you tell me what the pack was like?”

They sat down. “The Blood pack was known to spend their time worshipping to the Goddess Selene. They would make animal sacrifices to Lycaon and live their life according to tradition. That is all I know.”

“And why were they destroyed?”

“The other pack wanted something from them and when the Alpha, your father, refused, they attacked.” Hearing that she had a father seemed strange to Mud.

“Who was the other pack?”

This was the one question Seth was afraid answering, “They are called the Fire pack. And, it’s the pack Gracie’s father is Alpha of.” Mud gasped. “I know Mud but you have to remember we were all kids and Gracie had nothing to do with it.” He did not want to defend Gracie but since Mud became friends he figured it would hurt Mud if she knew.

Mud shook her head. “Of course, that sounds like something her father would do. He’s a bad man Seth, Gracie told me about him today.” The man who wanted power. What did her pack have that he wanted? “What did my father refuse to?”

“Gracie’s father wanted to set up an arranged marriage between you and his son but your father said no.” Seth growled. And the same boy was going to be here in five days.

He didn’t expect Mud to smile. “So my parents loved me?” Seth smiled slightly, putting his hand on her cheek so Mud could look at him. “Of course they did. And I’m sure they are proud that you are alive and well.”

Mud’s smile grew wider as she began lightly crying with tears of joy and sadness. Sadness for realizing the family she had was gone but joy for the new family who found her. And for Seth. And just by thinking she spoke words that seemed so foreign and yet so right. “I love you.”

Taken back, Seth mimicked Mud’s smile and leaned in. “I love you too Mud.” They kissed.

“Maya,” Mud gasped in the kiss as it seemed the air was being knocked out of her. Her hands flew to Seth’s head, keeping his lips to hers as her insides began to churn. One by one the scenes flowed in her head.

A house in the forest. A man and woman with a little red hair girl with a group surrounding them. The full moon shining down. People laughing, dancing, singing in Romanian. And then there was fire, chaos. Wolves attacking each other. Wolves dead on the ground. In front of the little girl stood one large wolf who was baring its teeth, ready to bit her. A strange light appeared in front of her that went straight through the wolf, killing it. The man, woman, and little girl on a boat. They stopped at an island. Men came, the woman and girl ran. The woman was caught and the girl ran, falling down a hill.

When her mind went blank Mud pushed Seth away and gasped for air, clinging to the ground, pulling out the grass. “Mud. Mud what is it?” Seth asked as Mud continued staring right at the full moon. “That’s it. The full moon fuels our powers.” Mud’s wolf commented. “So your parents…”

Seth was scared seeing Mud flop around like a fish out of water. “Mud. MUD.” Hearing his voice Mud took one last gasp of air before calming down. She laid there, taking a second to catch her breath before turning to Seth. New tears came down her eyes. “Oh Seth.”

He helped her up and she wrapped her arms around him, sobbing into his shoulder. “What is it Mud?”

She didn’t answer at first, just continued sobbing into his shoulder until his shirt was soaked. When her sobs died off Seth asked again, “What is it Mud? What happened?”

Looking up at him she started sobbing again. “I remember. I remember everything.”


This story got over 1,000 views!!!! That's a lot to me so I'ma make a big deal!! Thank you everyone who reads this story and I'm glad I can write for people to enjoy. 

Next chapter shall be Mud explaining most of her life so stay tuned.

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