chapter 28

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Perrie's p.o.v

I was still seated beside Jade's bed staring blankly at her hand as I traced patters on the back of it hoping to get the slightest twitch that said she was awake but deep down inside I knew she wasn't going to wake up anytime soon.

I listened closely as the only sound that was cutting the silence of the room was the monitors beeping coming from the machine at the other end of Jade and her soft breathes.  I thought long and hard about my muns suggestion to me.. Stay with her and be happy Perrie and just end up having one of your family members coming to kill her.Or break up and set her free from all of your families trouble. Both suggestions would leave me scarred for life anyways. It was a clear lose-lose situation.

I knew my dad wasnt finished with what he started. He wasn't the type that just left something unfinished he was going to come back sooner or later and I knew he would.

I snapped of my thoughts as I saw a thin white line on Jade's wrist. Then another and another. What were they? I turned her arm over gently so I was looking at the palm of her hand. Noticing white lines,scars running across her arm. They looked so imperfect on her skin. Misplaced they shouldn't be there and I could tell the lines were only a couple days old.But how did I not notice these before?

I knew they werent from me. But what were they from? Before the thought hit me I heard boots hitting the rooms ground and someone clearing their throat. I turned around in my seat looking at Jade's doctor and two police officers wearing their black uniforms blank expressions on both of their faces. emotions unreadable because they went through this everyday.

"Perrie the officers wanted to speak to you. Ask you some questions. Are you available?" Of course I was available I was just sitting down looking at Jade's almost lifeless body. But I didn't say that. With the nod of my head I stood up walking with the officers down the halls not saying a word. Not wanting to.

They guided me to an empty office room. "Sit down" One said softly. I looked up at them just taking in their features. The one who spoke to me had short blonde hair accompanied by sea green eyes that I would've said were beautiful if I wasn't too busy being sad for myself and Jade. The other was a bald african american man who just stared at me blankly with his dark eyes holding a notepad. Both we're built intimidating slightly but my mind was somewhere else today.

I sat down in a plastic black foldable chair which squicked at my weight from under me. Crossing my arms over my chest I looked up at them as they stood infront of me giving them the same blank stare they gave me.

"We would just like you to answer some questions" The blonde one said and if I squinted hard enough I could just make out his name tag on silver letters the words read Blake Adams. "Yeah I know that" I snarled slightly shifting my gaze to the wall of the office. Which seemed to be saufficating me.

It wasn't like they did something bad I was just pissed at everything.

But even with my rude attitude he spoke calmly and softly not irritated. "Did you see who exactly it was that stabbed your friend?" The words seemed to cut me like knives. stabbed. She got stabbed because of me. The breathing momentarily leaving my lungs at the touchy subject.

My mind was screaming Yes tell them it was your father!!!!!!! But my mouth said something else. "No I've never seen them before in my life. He was a stranger to me. But I could sense he was drunk." Which wasn't quite a suprise to me. "He just seemed to hate her I'm not sure why" My voice was hollow. I'm lying. I'm lying to guys who wouldn't think twice about sending me to jail. Why to save my dad's ass? What sense did that make? Why was I?  Was it because I knew no matter what he would end up coming back and just ruiening my life. Knowing my father I knew he was already half way across the world by now. He was a coward that's what cowards do runaway from their problems.

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