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Passerini smiled as he looked down at a live feed of the hallway leading to the lab.

"The gas works. Yes, I am sure. Observing the demonstration now." He was speaking to Salvay over an earpiece. His hands were free to operate the tablet as she spoke. "I will make contact once I am at the safe house."

Pleased with the results of his experiment he started going through different camera feeds. He stopped when he saw Daniel's team. He looked up in front of him. There was only one turn to be made in the corridor, and the men were around the bend. He put his right hand in his pocket, the other holding the tablet by his side and waited.

Daniel and his team came into view.

"Hands where I can see them Passerini."

Obeying, Passerini held up his hands the one from his pocket now holding two glass spheres. He turned the screen of the tablet so Daniel and the others could see what was happening to their comrades.

"You are not the one in a position to make demands," Passerini rolled the glass spheres he had in his hand. He smirked at the nervous look the men shot towards them. "There is no scenario in which I leave this place in restraints with you gentlemen. Neither is there a scenario where I die. These spheres contain the same solution as the one used on your friends. The only difference is these are three times the concentration which means the effects will be instantaneous."

Passerini looked at Daniel. "I wonder... how many vampires would it take to rip a werewolf apart with their bare hands. Anyone up for a bet?"

"Why don't you try doing it yourself?" Daniel challenged.

"I am not much of a fighter; I'm a scientist. Catch."

Daniel caught the two spheres Passerini threw in his direction. The glass melted away in Daniel's palms releasing the gas.

"Deep breaths," Passerini said, walking away in the opposite direction.


Daniel was up against nine hostile, souped-up vampires. The gas had no effect on him but being torn to threads certainly will. He changed uttering his apologies for what he was about to do. These were good men and having to kill them left Daniel feeling contrite. As it turned out, nine vampires were close to what it took to tear a werewolf apart. He was about to become overpowered when gunshots rang out. At the opposite end of the corridor, Garrick stood reloading his gun. Daniel finished the job of making sure the men could no revive.

"Garrick," Daniel said when he took human form.


Ava came running around the corner. She stopped when she saw the two men.

"Garrick?" she said.


Following hot on her heels was Anabella. She pulled up short at the mess splattered around the hallways. Anabella cursed.

"I seem to have forgotten your name," she said to Garrick.

"Garrick," Ava and Daniel said in unison.

"Well, Garrick seems you are late to the party and Passerini has escaped. And I am sure there is a perfectly good reason why you two killed my men."

Anabella looked from Garrick to Daniel her jaws clenched.

"The gas." Daniel told her about his encounter with Passerini, who he referred to as the mad scientist.

"Come," Anabella said, walking off. "We need to debrief the others."


The entire building was now under quarantine.

Tensions were high after the revelation that Passerini had created a gas that could turn an ordinary vampire into a savage killer. As added precaution, no vampire was allowed near the labs without a hazmat suit. Philippe thought the immediate threat had passed, but Anabella was not about to take that gamble.

"A bio attack was unexpected," she said. "If Salvay and Passerini release this gas across the city, Pentorium will run red. The humans will have all the reasons they need to put the last nail in our coffins. It will be us against them."

"That is what he wants," Garrick said. "For us to be so focused on fighting the humans that we won't have any resources left to hunt him."

"Are you saying this is a distraction?" Anabella asked.

"That is what I am saying. He knows that keeping your lives as is, is important to all of you, so he attacks the thing you all hold dear. Two birds with one stone—a distraction and revenge."

"Depending on how they release the gas the humans won't have much time to react," Daniel said. "The higher the dosage the faster the change. Inhale once and that's it."

"He'll take his time," Philippe said. "Build up the panic. He wants us to suffer. Nothing will amuse Salvay more than to see the humans turn against us."

"We'll have to divide our resources," Anabella said. "Vescovi is trying to locate Salvay and Sven using his shipping contacts. As soon as he finds their location Daniel, Helick, Vescovi and Zigor along with guards will go after them. Philippe you will remain in Pentorium to formulate a cure for this virus. Ava, I'll need you to stay as well."

Ava nodded. "Penny will go with Vescovi's team. She is the only one who can track Sven. Shea and the others will stay in the Mountain."

"It would be best if everyone moved to the Native lands for now," Garrick suggested. "Marx is vulnerable, and we need him alive."

"Ichiro will have to stay at the house. We don't know how his change will turn out," Ava said. "Martha will want to stay with them."

"Martha should come to Pentorium too," this came from Garrick. "She knows about herbs. She could help with a cure."

"Which means Shea will be at the house—alone—with Ichiro. Should anything go wrong..." Ava trailed off.

"Our physician tended to Dempsey while he was here. We will send him to the mountain. Martha can make all the necessary arrangements in case emergency aid is needed," Anabella said. "Not to be callous but her skills are more needed here."

Anabella looked around the table at everyone. They all agreed on the measures going forward.

"Let's get this done."

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And so the hunt begins for the Mad Scientist, the Anarchist, and the Shadow Wolf.

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