The Plot Thickens - 8 | iv

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Daniel stood over the body, Ava at his side.

"What does this sign mean?" he asked of Philippe, who was with them.

"Purists," Philippe zipped up the body bag, closing the corpse inside. The woman, a human, had her throat slashed and a symbol carved with crude care into her chest. "Seems they are calling Vescovi's bluff," he said standing. Nodding, he gave the coroner the go ahead to take the body away. "A human found the body this morning, but Anabella is taking care of that."

"Things always get worse before they get better," Daniel said.

"I suppose so." Philippe ran a hand over his mouth watching after the coroner's van as it drove away. "If you will excuse me, I have some other matters to attend to."

Daniel did not miss the look Philippe had sent in Ava's direction before he walked off. He waited until the man got into his car and drove off before he addressed it.

"What was that about?" he asked her.

"A dead girl with her chest carved up." Ava was shaking her head.

"I mean between you and Philippe."

"Daniel," Ava sounded exasperated.

"I didn't mean like that. But something is up. What aren't you telling?"

Ava opened her mind showing Daniel the containment chamber Philippe had shown her.

"What's that for?"

"A possible containment chamber. Since we can't kill Sven we are trying to figure out a way to contain him."

"Assuming we can catch him. He won't be so easy to kill a second time."

"Maybe not, but if we manage to do it there is a possibility that we could contain him," Ava said.

"Just a possibility?"

"Well, we won't know if it works until we try it. And until we are confident, don't tell the others."

Daniel nodded. He had a feeling her intent was not to inform him either, but he let that go. They started walking together down the street. An average couple would be walking hand in hand on a bright day like this. Daniel shoved his hands into his pocket brushing the thought from his mind. "Penny was not pleased about being asked to stay behind."

"I'm sure. She tracked Sven to the ports so at least we know their point of exit even if we don't know where they went. Vescovi is putting out feelers."

"Putting out feelers?" Daniel asked amused.

"I am catching on to the vernacular of this world. How is Ichiro?"

"Signs of change. Penny being there will be helpful when he transitions."

They continued walking in silence. The sound of a phone ringing broke the silence. Daniel smiled.

"You're ringing."

"I do not ring," Ava said. Her voice sounded distant.

"No, but the phone in your pocket does."

Ava looked up at him confused his words registering seconds later. Flustered she dipped her hand into her cloak pocket for the phone but it was no longer ringing. She threw her hand up in frustration.

"Why do we have need of this?" she said.

"To keep in contact with the others. It only works though if you answer it."

She slanted her eyes at him, and he smiled.

Holding out a hand to her he said, "Give it here."

She did, and he redialed the number from the missed call. His conversation with the person on the other end was short. Hanging up he said, "We have to go."

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