Chapter 1

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Thanks Maheen for helping me realize that the original version was fine the way it was :)

So This is the first story that im exteremely motivated to write and its my seconds story so please bear with me and give me honest feedback and what i should fix and stuff. Im trying to do good at this :) And no this does not all revolve around Desi's and Muslims its just a few references and if you're a muslim you'll understand some of the scenes better. Another thing, if you're one of those people who judge a story by its first chapter please don't, i promise it gets much better and faster as you read a few more chapters.. not all stories can start out with a big explosion and make it exteremely interesting. Thanks! Comment! Vote! Like! Enjoy :)


Love: Impossible

Chapter 1

Pinky Promise

Everyone has a best friend. I’m lucky enough to have two. Sabrena and Fiza. We have double the fun, double the help, and double the love. We’ve been friends since as long as we can remember and we can’t go a day without talking to each other. We might be different in some ways but hey, we complement each other. But it wasn’t always us three. We used to be four best friends. A quad. The fabulous four. Sabrena, Fiza and I…. and…Mavish.  We were best friends.

Then, one day. We grew up.

*Flashback to a year  and a half ago*

We were all between the ages of 13-15. Me, the youngest of them all. Sabrena and Fiza were in their freshman year of high school. And Mavish in her second.

 I was in middle school.  I hated that. Middle school was so annoying. Everyone thinks their so cool and starts cursing like crazy and acting all ghetto. High school’s when the real fun begins. New friends, new people, crushes, new chances. Everything. Speaking of crushes, we all talked about our tiny little crushes on the cuties of the school.  Mavish had her eyes on some senior cutie, Sam, which she thought was way out of her league. Sabrena thought this guy in her English class, Usmaan, that she talks to a lot, is really nice and good looking. Fiza had her eyes on someone too. She liked this boy, Shane. She had for a long time. A really long time. It as a major crush! But.. I was yet a different story. I wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer when it came to these things. I don't know if that had to do with me not being a total girly girl (though i wasn't a tomboy either). I mean sure i'd say someone looked cute or hot or something. But could I say I liked them?...No. I couldn’t tell whether did or not. Sometimes I tried just finding a boy I thought was good looking and told them I liked him to get them off my back, but honestly, I didn’t.  I just didn’t get it.

Today was a big day for me. I was on my way to the interview with the guidance counselor of Marlton High School. It was about my advanced grades. I hope I get to skip a grade. I love giving surprises, so I didn’t let the gang know I was gonna be in the building. I would only tell them IF I do get to skip a grade. They’d be so happy! I was walking on my way to the guidance counselor’s office, while passing a couple of weird looking teens and scary teachers, when I heard a loud BANG! Coming from the hallway. Me, being a scaredy cat, thought there was one of those scary teen shootings that they always show on the news going on and I ran into the first closet I could find.  I started panting and my heart was hammering in my chest. I didn’t even start high school and I’m already going to DIE! I closed the door behind me and fell to the ground.

Only then when I opened my eyes. I saw someone’s eyes. Wide, schocked, and scared eyes. I’d know those grey eyes anywhere, Mavish. I sighed in releif, knowing that I wasn’t the only one scared. Immediately a smile was on my face. I was about to greet her when her appearance dawned on me. Her hair was a frizzy mess and her dark pink lips we’re slightly swollen. I tensed. Oh god was she hurt? Anger fueled in me for whoever would lay a hand on my friends. I swear I’ll kill this kid- wait. I squinted in the dark to get a better look. Why are her arms around someone? No wait, not a someone, a him. I glanced back at Mavish's face, it looked like a kid who was caught taking twenty cookies out of the jar.  Guilty. OMG! She was getting steamy with SAM! I mean I always knew that Mavish wasn't the most innocent Muslim out of all of us but I can’t believe it! I thought she knew her limits...Wait till the others find out. Wait, But Sam’s hair was blonde.  This guy's hair is definitly not blonde. I could tell this much in the dim light. Whats going on?

“What the..” the “him” turned around.

My jaw hit the floor and my heart stopped. Now my heart sank. For my best friend. I’d know his face anywhere. I was shown his face way too many times to not recognize it. Even in the dim light seeping in from under the doorway of the closet. Millions of questions asked ran through my mind. All from one voice. The many times I was asked whether his eyes were the prettiest blue eyes I’ve ever seen. Whether his hair was the hottest it could be or whether they would make a cute couple or not. And the biggest question of them all… whether he would ever like her back. Whether Shane… would ever like Fiza back.

Needless to say we were shocked, hurt, repulsed, betrayed, back stabbed,  and in Fiza's case...heartbroken.

After that day, I got what I wanted. I was moved into the ninth grade and was able to go to school with my TWO best friends. You heard me. Mavish had broken Fiza’s heart and trust. We even gave her some time to apologize or  something but she just continued hanging with Shane. She claimed to all of her friends she was in love. She was always clinging to his arm and following him like a love sick puppy.  It disgusted me how she didn’t even care that she broke her best friend’s heart and she STILL stuck with the dude. But then again, he was always looking for someone easy. Just to flaunt around and then break her heart to make himself feel better. Who knew his true colors would start to show after Mavish hurt Fiza. After that Fiza didn’t like him anymore. He was just a tool. For a few days, we were all a mess. We didn’t hang out like we used to, we became depressed and sad. We didn’t have fun and laugh as often. It was like we were strangers again, I didn’t want that. I didn’t want to lose all three of my best friends all in one week. I was so excited to go to high school, but I didn’t even get to enjoy it with my friends. That weekend, I forced both Sabrena and Fiza into my house. I decided in order to prevent this all happening again; we need to make some talk.

"Sit."I told them two pointing to the black couch against the wall. They listened robotically and plopped down next to each other. Awkward was swimming in the air. Something rare among us good freinds. Thank god they actually decided to listen today. Well I knew Fiza would have a more chance than Sabrena. She was always was a bit on the rambunctious side. Though they hadn't been acting that way recently. My teeth clenched as I thought of the reason why. Darn traitor had to ruin everything.

“Okay, I know speak for everyone when I say I want my two best friends back. But first. We need to make some promises so this never happens again!” they all nodded hesitantly, still confused.

“OKay, we have to promise three things. One: Don't let anything ruin our many years of friendship." I stuck up another finger. "Two: we will never become like those lovesick girls that get whipped and are willing to do anything for 'the one’ as they call it.  And the third and most important rule.."  I looked them both in the eyes,showing how important this last one really was. " We will never ever EVER" i emphasized. "..let a guy come between our friendship." I raised my small pinky.

“Pinky Promise?” I questioned. Fiza glanced at Sabrena before glancing back at the floor.

“Pinky Promise.” they chorused in low voices while entwining our pinkies together and sealing the sacred vow.

The deal was sealed.

That day should never repeat itself.

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