Eight- Hades Visits

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Will's POV-

I walked down the hall to my father's throne room, not sure why he had summoned me so early in the morning. I walked past Thalia on the way and nodded hello. She just giggled, Thalia has been acting strange lately, I wonder why...

I approached the door to my father's throne room and sighed before opening it and striding inside. "Hello father what is it that I can I..." I noticed another man, tall, slender, wearing only black, "Do for you." I stared at the other man, he looked quite familiar. I feel as if I had seen his dark hair and brown eyes somewhere before...

"Ah yes, William. This is king Hades, here for a surprise visit." by the look on my father's face and the way he emphasized the word surprise, I could tell Lord Apollo had no idea Hades was going to show up.

Lord Hades approached me and smiled coldly, "Hello William. Your father has told me much about you." I could now see why he looked familiar, he had Nico's eyes, and his black hair. Though whereas Nico's eyes were soft and deep, Hades' seemed to be sharp, unpredictable. The softness of Nico's hair was also not apparent in the King's shoulder-length hair.

"Uh yeah, hi," I said awkwardly as I held out my hand to shake his. My father glared at me. "Welcome to Cira Lord Hades, I do hope you enjoy your stay." My father nodded his approval and relaxed a bit.

"I was hoping you could retrieve Bianca and Nico, and we can have a nice brunch together." Apollo said.

"Yeah sure." Apollo glared, " I mean, of course father." he nodded as i strode out of the room and down the hall towards Nico and Bianca's rooms.

I knocked on Nico's door first. "Ugh," was all I heard from inside.

"Nico? You awake?" I called

"Go away Solace, you may be cute but that doesn't mean you get to interrupt my beauty sleep."

I smiled, he called me cute. "Come on Nico, your dad's here."

The door suddenly opened and i was greeted with a wide eyed Nico, his hair completely tangled and frizzy. "My father's here?"

I chuckled.

"What's so funny."

"Your hair is a bit." I held my hands out to mimic an afro on my head.

"Oh shut up Solace," He blushed, trying to pat down the mess on his head. "My father's here?"

"Oh yeah, he kinda just showed up, I'm pretty sure my father didn't even know about it."

Nico groaned.

"What's the matter sunshine."

Nico glared at the nickname, but responded none the less, "You know he's gonna expect for you and Bianca to be hanging out right?"

"Oh," I winced. "That's gonna be awkward seeing as I like you and Bianca likes Thalia."

"Wait you know about that? How?"

"Castle gossip travels fast. Thalia told another maid named Piper, who told her boyfriend, the harold, Jason, who told his best friend, who's father is the Dock keeper, Percy, who told me."

"Huh." Nico said, looking confused.

"So my dad wants you, Bianca and me to go down and have brunch."

Nico sighed, "Give me ten minutes."

I nodded before Nico closed the door on my face, sleepy Nico is cute.

I walked over and knocked on Bianca's door, unlike Nico she had been dressed for hours, she and I walked to the dining hall together and I left Nico a note. Bianca and I agreed that it would be less suspicious if we arrived together, and Nico a bit later.

On the way there, Bianca and I talked.

"Be prepared," she warned, "My father is going to ask you about four million questions, and that's before the first course is served."

I laughed, "Hades really can't be that bad"

"Oh no, he's much much worse trust me," she laughed along with me and we made small talk until we reached the door to the dining room.

"Okay, ready to fake a relationship in front of my incredibly inquisitive father?" Bianca laughed nervously.

"You bet." I said as we walked inside."

A.N. Hi!!! I feel like such a horrible person, I haven't updated in forever! Ooops sorry. At least this chapter was long... ish... not really. Sorry.

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