final notes from vee ;

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hiya everyone. so this has now been completely edited and all of the terrible fourteen year old fanfiction writer mistakes have been taken out and fixed (thank god). none of the actual prose has been changed in any way (except that one time i genuinely used the word orbs to refer to somebody's eyes, and i nearly threw my laptop across the room in disgust at myself), so it does still read exactly the same, i've just tidied it up a little, like taking out my terrible and embarrassing author's notes.

either way, thank you so much to everybody who has read this book so far; after looking through all of my old author's notes and seeing my own happiness at reaching milestones like 10K and 70K, i can hardly believe that a few years later this book is sitting on 404K reads, with a spot in the wattpad official fanfic account's specialised hunger games reading list. 

the reaction i got from this book is literally insane, so i want to thank everyone who has read it for being so incredibly supportive, and i hope that anybody else who writes fanfiction receives the same support from the community that i did. 

much love, 

V e e N y x x (previously @alltimevee)