Chapter 1

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Anne and Tintin have been best friends ever since they were small. At first glance, people think they are a couple. All becuase of their close relationship. Tintin would kiss her temple and put an arm around her waist. Anne would hold his hand and kiss his cheek. If someone would ask them if they were a couple, they would blush alittle and tell them no.

Often Anne would get asked out in front of Tintin which made him alittle jealous and Anne very uncomfertable. In which either one would make an excuse for the reason why she couldent ( mostly its Tintin needed help on research).

Anne was a beutiul girl with light brown hair and hazel eyes. Her hair stopped above her shoulders in which she liked it becuase it was kept out of her eyes. She always wore a dress and wore a pair of shorts underneath. After a couple adventures, Anne learned that there are people who would use her as bait for Tintin. In which in every case he saved her before anytihng could happen to her. At one point she was kidnapped with Snowy , Titntin's dog. Without Snowy barking for Tintin, they would have never been found and the worse would've happen. This made Tintin even more protective.

What they didnt know about each other is that they are in love with one another. Its to the point that even Snowy would wish that they would just admit their feeling for each other.

The adventure started when they went to market on a Saturday. It was a cool fall morning and Anne decided to wear a blue dress with black flats. Her bangs were pinned to the side and she wore her grey over coat. And brown shoes.

Tintin decided to have his picture drawen in which Snowy wasnt pleased about. Anne took the time to look at the other pictures. They were amazing.

The artist asked a couple of questions; If they were together ( in which Tintin and Anne blushed , telling him no) and what jobs they have.

After a few more minutes, Snowy walked away seeing something off about another person. The pair didnt notice that Snowy was gone.

Soon the picture was done.

"What do you think Anne," Tintin asked, showing Anne the picture.

" Cute. He even got your rosey cheeks," She said, piching his cheek. He swatted her hand away. The artist thought to himself 'young love'

Then they noticed that snowy was gone. Tintin paid the man and rolled up the picture, putting it in his coat.

As they walked calling for Snowy, Tintin looked at himself in the mirror and smoothed down the quiff in his hair thinking it made him look older and more attractive to Anne ( without realizing it). However it popped up, and Anne had hide a giggle from him.

Then they found Snowy in which Tintin had to ask if he was chasing cats again. Then with a mirror he saw a model ship.

"Anne look at this," He said. Anne didnt see what he was talking about til he turn and saw what he had been seeing.

"Wow look at that," Anne said , amazed of the model ship and its beauty.

Tintin talked to seller about the ship , mostly correcting him, and had bought the ship. Then an American came and asked how much was the boat.

Tintin held his ground about it.

"Listen kid, i dont think you realize this but you are going into a whole mess of danger," He said. Anne grabbed Tintin's arm lightly in fright.

"What kind of danger?" he asked.

The American left with a warning leaving Anne to question "What people?"

Then they got their answer.

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