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A Kailani and Iyan love story before they got their happily ever after.

Kailani | April 2016

"Kailani and Iyan." I groaned and looked at Alyssa than mean mugged Ms.Noel.

She know damn well I don't like this light motherfucker.

"We have thirty minutes left of class, I printed out a questionnaire that you are to fill out. You can go any where to leave this class but be back before the bell ring."

This bitch about to meet me in the parking lot, she actually want me to be alone with this ass hole?

I looked at Olivia and frowned, I knew she was going through it harder. I mean she is the main reason we hate them.

"Are you okay babe?" Alyssa asked squatting by her desk.

"You know how much I hate him Lysa!" she said with her head on her desk.

"I know but didn't you date for almost two months? You learned stuff about him so therefore you wouldn't have to spend much time with him." She suggested trying to make her feel better. She looked up with a smirk. When ever Liv smirked nothing good happened.

"Oh God! What did-" I started to say until I saw Iyan, Mason and Jayceon walk our way. We stopped talking and Alyssa stood up waiting for one of them to speak.

"I need to ask you these questions so y'all done or nah?" Iyan asked facing me, I rolled my eyes. Rude ass nigga couldn't say excuse me?

"Yeah." I grabbed my wallet since these theiving ass kids love stealing and claiming shit that's obviously not theirs.

"You good? You seem mad?" He asked once we made it to the stairwell. I just stared at him than shook my head.

"First question. Where do you see yourself in ten years?"

"Whatever God has in plan."

"What does that mean?"

"Just how it sounds, I can't tell you how my future going to go because 9/10 dreams are meant to be slept on." I looked at him with my eyebrows knitted together.

"That was actually a smart ass answer." I was impressed.

"I'm not just looks, I gotta good head on my shoulder shorty."

"Not a lot of niggas think like you tho."

"Exactly my point, imma new breed. They don't make em like me no more."

"You corny." I laughed.

"What about you? What you wanna be? Chris Brown or August Alsina baby mother? Trapping a rich nigga to pay for your weave and get out the hood?"

To slap the shit out of this nigga or to not slap the shit out of this nigga?

"Yo what the fuck?" He yelled. To slap the shit out this dumb ass nigga.

"What you said was disrespectful as hell and you lucky all I do was smack you. Fuck you mean?" Just when I was actually thinking this nigga was decent.

"I mean that's how bitches think, they'll rather have a nigga with money than to actually have something going on for theirselves."

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