Chapter 24

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Charlie's POV

I've been waiting for Niall for ages now, I was going to ring him or text him but I don't wanna see like the clingy girlfriend.

This coursework was boring me so much, I really hated science. It's so boring and I don't need it in life. I really want to be a photographer, whenever I tell someone that's what I want to be, they normally think stupidly and say pornography. Nothing against pornography or anything, just I prefer taking pictures of landscapes and not naked bodies.

I went downstairs to get a drink and see my dad with another women, this is hard. The only girl I've ever seen my dad with is my mum..but now she's gone. I ignored eye contact with them and kept walking to the kitchen, till I hear my dad shout my name.

"Charlie! Can you come here for a second!"

I turn around from where I was and start walking to the living room. My dad had his arm around the girl on the sofa. I completely blanked her and looked at my dad who seemed really happy than usual.

"What do you want?"

"I would like you too meet my new girlfriend, Susan." My dad and Susan got off the sofa and Susan went to grab my hand to shake.

"Susan Charlie, Charlie Susan!" my dad laughed.

We shook hands and smiled at each other. It was so awkward, I never actually thought my alcoholic father would find someone else to be with.

I decided to take a chance and tell him about Niall.

"Dad, you know Niall?"


" and him are together now"

"Aw! Invite him to dinner tomorrow night. Make sure he wears something formal as we're going to the best place in town."

I nodded and walked away to the kitchen to make my drink. I guess that couldn't of gone any better if I'm honest. Something about Susan scares me, like when I met Niall. Something about him scared me, then I found out he was a vampire. I guess if my dad's happy, I'm happy.

After I made my drink, I walked back upstairs, seeing my dad and his skanky girlfriend on the sofa having a make out sesh. Never been so disturbed in my life. When I got upstairs I checked my phone to see I had a text from Niall, I smiled at the thought of his name.

From:Niall x
Coming over right now !! xx

To:Niall x
Come through my bedroom window, my dads downstairs with his new girlfriend x

Five minutes later I saw Niall tapping at my bedroom window. He looked really hot and sweaty, like he just got back from the gym. I walked over to the window and let him in.

His hands went onto my waist and our lips met. He pushed me down onto the bed and took off his top, revealing all of his tattoos and muscles. He laid on top of me leaving soft wet kisses on my neck. I moaned in pleasure and started to take my clothes off as well.

After about ten minutes we were both under the covers naked cuddling. Not even speaking, just cuddling. Laying in there in complete silence. Not awkward, peaceful.

There was a knock at my door, fuck!

"Quick, get under the covers or something!" I whispered to Niall as he hid under the sheets.

"Come in!" I yelled.

The door opened to see my dad, looking very pissed off.

"May I help you?"

"Have you got any spare tampons or anything like that?" he spat at me sending me a dirty look.

"Yeah, there in the bathroom."

He walked over to the bathroom and found my tampons, then walked out slamming my bedroom door shut. Looks like someone isn't getting laid tonight.

"Does your dad have periods or something?" Niall said while coming out from being under the covers.

"No I hope not, guessing its for his girlfriend"

"Girlfriend?" Niall looked confused as I was when I found out about my dad and his 'girlfriend'.


"Ew, old people sex" he laughed.

"By the way, we're going to dinner tomorrow night with them, wear a suit or something"

"Fabulous, can I stay here tonight?! Please!" He gave me his puppy dog eyes. "Zayn and Harry are drunk again watching porn together, I don't wanna go home"

"Okay fine, il just lock my bedroom door so my dad doesn't find out your here." I got up, forgetting I was completely naked to shut the door. Niall had his eyes on me the entire time.

"Aw you have back dimples!"


I got back into bed and Niall put his arms around me, being with him felt so right.


I woke up feeling Nialls breathing on my cheek. I smiled and unwrapped myself from his arm and went into the bathroom. I had my first proper exam today and I'm really nervous. Never been this nervous in my life.

I turned the temperature of the shower on hot, but not too hot, and stripped and hopped in. Washing my hair and my body.

When I got out I found a towel and wrapped myself in it, drying myself quickly and squeezing my hair so any water came out. When I walked into my bedroom, Niall was still asleep. I didn't want to wake him but we had school so I had too.

I walked over to the bed and kissed him on the cheek. "morning" I whispered into his ear.

Niall rubbed his eyes and blinked, then looked at me and smiled, showing his teeth. He must of had braces when he was younger.

I walked over to my dresser and started to do my hair and makeup. I decided to straighten my hair and hairspray it. As I started to apply my makeup Niall shouted from the bed.

"You don't need any makeup love, you're beautiful the way you are"

"I'm not"

The thing is about me is that I'm really insecure, when I wear makeup I don't feel as insecure.

"Get up! I don't wanna be late"

Niall groaned and eventually got up, I was all ready to go, I made myself a piece of toast and said goodbye to my dad and left the house with Niall.

It looked like it was about to rain but thankfully Niall had his car, how can he even afford a car at this age.


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