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((Red's POV))

"WE IS GOING TO THE MALL WITH YOUTUBE SENSATION REDVACKTOR!!!!" (Y/n) yelled, getting into the car

I sighed, "(Y/n), I'm your brother.."

"I STILL DON'T CARE!!" She yelled

I chuckled and looked at Max, who just shrugged, then Ross, who was holding some kind of bottle.

"Ross, what's that?" I asked

He quickly looked at me and then back at the bottle, "I honestly have no idea..."


-Tim-Timskip to when they get to the mall brought to you by DaDa The Dolphin 🐬-

"I WANNA GO TO STARBUCKS!!" (Y/n) yelled

"CAN I COME?!" Max yelled in a white girl voice

"Only if you bring the uggs and buy me a pumpkin spice latte." She replied, kissing his cheek

Max sighed, "Fine..Only if you repay me~"

"Anything for you, Maxie Moo~" (Y/n) replied

Max then wrapped his arms around (Y/n)'s neck, leaning in for a kiss

"GET A ROOM!" Ross yelled

Max rolled his eyes, and (Y/n) sighed.

"Lets just go to StarBucks.." I suggested

Ross and Max nodded, and (Y/n) starting running to StarBucks

"(Y/N) START THE VLOGS!!" I yelled

"OKAY!!" She replied, pulling her phone out and looked like she started recording

"Max, Have you and (Y/n) ever, oh, how do I say this, had sex?" I asked, curiosity in my voice

"Why do you wanna know..?" he asked

"I just wanna know, just so I get a heads up that I could be an uncle," I responded

"Oh. Well, no. We haven't. Yet.."

(Y/n) came back over with her camera, and pointed it at us, "Are we going to StarBucks, or are you three bitches gonna just keep lying on your asses?"

"Wow, (Y/n).." Ross said

(Y/n) sighed, "What? I want my StarBucks!"

"And I want a child..But No, that's not happening any time soon.." Max mumbled, I'm pretty sure I'm the only one that heard him..

I looked at Max as Ross and (Y/n) started walking to StarBucks, I waited until they were a good distance away so I could talk to Max alone.

"Red, I love your sister more than anything in this world.. I really, really do. I was thinking about possibly proposing to her sometime next month, or sometime later this year, too..But Your guys' dad-" I cut him off

"No, no, no, no, no! You can't ask our dad for his blessing! He would try to find and harm (Y/n) if he found out that she was getting married! You can't even meet our family! It's way to risky!"

"I know, Ross told us everything around the first day we met (Y/n), she was abused, raped, and all that shit.." He explained

"Oh, okay.." I replied, "But that's what you said about Gwen Smith, and then you ended up going to jail for like a week for harming her.."

"I didn't hurt that little bitch! She hurt herself and blamed it on me! Gwen Smith means nothing to me now! I will never hurt (Y/n), ever!" Max exclaimed

"Maybe we should just go to StarBucks with Ross and (Y/n), they're probably waiting for us." I said

Max nodded and started walking to StarBucks, while I followed him

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