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Pen Your Pride

Author's note: Y/N = Your Name; Y/BFF/N = Your BFF's Name; Y/EXBF/N = Your Ex-Boyfriend's Name.

It was Saturday morning. Weather in London today was perfect, so I decided to go out with my best friend Y/BFF/N for a coffee. I picked up my phone and dialed her number.

Y/BFF/N: Hey Y/N!

Me: Hey! I was thinking to go out for a walk and a coffee,wanna come?

Y/BFF/N: Sure! Does 11AM sound good?

Me: Yes,ma'am! *laughs* Hahaha,I'll see you there,sweetie!

Y/BFF/N: Okay, see ya later,chick!

I hung up the phone and checked the time,I had an hour to get ready.  I quickly rushed into my closet, I picked out my favorite white T-Shirt with ''Keep Calm And Stay Wierd'' print and white shorts. My long dirty blond hair was in a messy braid. I took my white Chanel purse and headed out.


''Oh my God, he's like soooo hot,how can you not like him?!'' Y/BFF/N was fangirling over Harry Styles from One Direction. I personally thought that he has an amazing voic,but I'm not really into him.I took a sip of my Iced Caramel Macchiato and told her: ''I don't know. I already said he has a good voice,but he's not my type. I hate curly haired guys.''   

''Oh come on! I know you're lying! How can you not like him? Like,hello,he's the world's sexiest guy! Girl,please,gave you seen him in his underwear?'' she said,making a''Bitch please'' face. I bursted into laughter. ''Yeah,yeah,talk whatever you want,you won't make me like him.'' I stuck my tongue out.


After about an hour of walking and another hour of talking, Y/BFF/N had to go home to study for her exams next week. I bought myself another Decaf Coffee To Go. What can I say,I'm a coffee freakkk.

I took out my iPod, I put my headphones in and I played ''Best Song Ever''. As I was walking,I was looking down at the concrete (I was very shy and insecure) and I slowly took sips of my coffee. Sun was burning on the streets. Suddenly, I bumped into someone and realized I accidentally spilled my coffee all over that someone. I looked up and saw it was one and only,Harry Styles. He was looking down at his yellow shirt,that was soaked with my coffee.

''Oh shit! I'm so sorry!'' I yelled,throwing the empty coffee cup into the nearest can. My hand covered my mouth.

''No worries,it's alright.'' he replied with his beautiful smile.

''Wait,let me at least help you with that,it's my fault.'' I said,lookng into his emerald green eyes. ''I'm Y/N, by the way.'' He flashed his smile again as I walked closer and tried to rub in the huge stain that was all over his shirt with my tissue. As I approached closer, I could see his sexy abs through the wet shirt. ''Nice to meet you, Y/N, I'm Harry''. He said and I smiled slightly again.

''Damn it,this isn't working.'' I raised my tone by a bit and scrubbed harder. ''I live nearby,just 2 streets from here and I'll give you an old T-Shirt of my ex,he still hasn't picked his stuff up from my place.'' I raised my sight and looked at his gorgeous face.

''Sure,why not.'' he smiled again.


As we came on my porch,I fumbled the inside of my purse,trying to find a key. I took it out and opened the door. We both came in and I closed the door. 

''Bathroom's this way,follow me.'' I said. We walked up the stairs and I entered second door to the right. ''Here you go'' I said opening the doors. ''Put your shirt in the machine,I'll wash it for you. I'll be right back,I'm gonna go find another shirt for you.'' i smiled.

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