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He was new, tall, dark and handsome fitted him perfectly, I watched as he strutted into school with 4 guys following him. They had this vibe about them and I was totally in a trance along with all the other girls in school.

They were all dressed the same, black leather jacket, dark jeans and dark tops. Jess nudged me and I looked at her "Call dibs on the blue eyes in the back" I looked at the one in front, he was the tallest, he had black hair and hazel eyes.

"I call dibs on the hazel eyes" she giggled and the teacher started yelling at us to get to lesson. I rushed to first period and sat down in my seat. The five guys walked in and settled themselves at the back row which was empty.

"Ok so class, we have five new students would you boys like to introduce yourself"






"That was brief but thank you boys, all turn to page 56" we started working and I groaned I hated English.

"Ok so the project, you all need to use at least 4 different sources to make a presentation on Shakespeare work" she started calling out names of pairs as she usually does and my jaw dropped when she called mine.

"Rose, Jess my top students, I want you two to get together with all five boys as it is their first assignment" Jess looked happy but I felt like a fish out of water. She carried on talking and I looked over at the boys. They were whispering and looking at us. At the end of class, Ajax approached me, he was the one I had dibs on and I was well happy that he was about to talk to me.

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