Chapter 1

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Third Person P.O.V

"It's a huge facility, Steve." Natasha said quietly, the silence in the room making everyone uncomfortable. "We're only eleven people. This place is bigger than anything we've taken down before."

"Are you scared, Romanoff?" Tony raised his brows slightly with a teasing grin on his lips.

"No. I just don't want to lose anyone simply because we're outnumbered." Her tone was stern and anything but teasing. She was serious.

"We're always outnumbered." Clint mumbled, sipping on his coffee. "We manage."

"This place has seven stories up and three stories down. There's more than six hundred agents present and we can't easily do this." Wanda agreed with Natasha. It was too risky.

"We did with Sokovia." Pietro said.

"But there weren't nearly as many agents and we were fighting Ultron. Not to mention we almost lost you." Vision pointed out. "Natasha and Wanda are right, this one has a potential to be more dangerous than anything we've done in the past." 

"It needs to be taken down and we need the files." Steve stated with a heavy sigh as his hand fell to the table. "Any ideas or suggestions?"

The Avengers remained silent, looking around at each other.

"We could call in help." Bruce offered. "If anyone's stupid enough to want to help us."

"We can't put anyone else on the line." Sam shook his head a little.

"I might know a couple people." Natasha said, lifting her gaze up to Steve. "They're familiar with HYDRA and they've got powers."

"What kind?"

"It's hard to explain one of them, but the other can manipulate rocks and things like that. I've seen him make earthquakes just by clapping his hands together."

"What about the other one?" Pietro asked.

"She calls it magic." Natasha replied. "I know it sounds stupid but that's what it is. She's turned birds into grenades and it comes out of her hands just like Wanda's does, except hers is a gray color."

"Are they reliable?" Bruce questioned, turning Natasha's attention to him.

"Yes. They're one of the few people I trust with my life. I've know them for years and they've never ever turned their backs on me or given me reason to not trust them."

"How soon do you think they'll be able to get here if they agree to it?" Steve asked her.

"Depends on where they are—,"

"Two people aren't going to change the level of difficulty for this mission." Tony cut her off.

"She's extremely powerful, Stark. And her brother is too."

"Give them a call and see if they're up for it." Steve said.

"Wait, wait, wait." Clint put his coffee cup on the table and leaned towards Natasha, who sat across the table from him. "Are these the two you told me about who took down an assassin going after the President in DC about six years ago? The ones who broke the Washington Memorial?"

"She fixed it so it's okay. But yeah." Natasha stood up and left the room.

Unknown Character's P.O.V.

"Shyla? Shyla? Shy?" I could feel someone poking my side, attempting to wake me up from my precious slumber. I groaned. 

"What do you want, Levi?" I mumbled into the pillow.

"Natasha's on the phone. She has a job thing for us." Levi waved his phone around.

"Put her on speaker." I rolled over on to my back and stretched my arms and legs with another groan.

"Still sleeping like a teenager, Shyla?" Natasha asked, a faint chuckle in her voice.

"Yep. This stupid shit takes all my energy and I hate it. Anyways, hi. You're still alive. Yay." I put my hands behind my head and closed my eyes. "What made you wake me up?"

"Me and the team are taking down a HYDRA facility in Ukraine." Natasha became silent. My eyes found Levi's at the mention of the Ukraine facility. He patted my knee and then kept his hand on my knee. "I know it's a long shot but we could use your muscle, guys. You know I wouldn't have called if I didn't think it was necessary."

Silence fell between us and Natasha.

"I really hate to ask you guys this." 

"I'll do it." Levi replied, looking towards the phone he had laid on the bed. "I know the facility enough and could get you guys in without them noticing right off the bat."

"Thank you, Levi." Natasha said. "Shyla? What about you?"

"I-I don't know, Natasha." I spoke quietly, rolling over on to my side. Levi returned his hand to my leg. It was a comfort thing. He was almost always touching me whether it be holding my hand or having his arm around my waist.

"It's okay, I understand. I don't want to pressure you into saying yes."

"Levi agreed to it, so I'll help too." I rubbed my eyes and brushed my hair back out of my face.

"Are you sure?" Levi asked me.

"I don't want you to go by yourself." I reached down and took his hand in mine. "When do you need us there, Nat?"

"When's the soonest you can be there?"

"Tonight. We're in Paris. We can fly to Kiev and stay at a hotel there until morning. I personally would start tonight but with the rest of your team not knowing the base, I'd say dawn is the best time to attack."

"Okay. That works for me. We can meet up with you at a hotel in Kiev and make plans. Thank you guys so much. You really have no idea what it means. I don't want them getting hurt and they don't know what this facility is like. I'm totally going to take you shopping, Shyla. I promise."

"What about me?" Levi looked down to the phone.

"I'll give you Maria's number, Levi."

"Yes!" Levi threw his fist into the air. He had had a little crush on Maria Hill for a long time.

"Bye, Natasha. We've gotta get ready." I told her.

"See you guys tonight."

After the call ended, I looked to Levi.

"This is gonna suck."

"Yeah, but you get to go shopping afterwards." Levi moved to lay behind me, basically being the big spoon. "I promise they won't get us again. And I'm willing to bet Natasha would fight till she dies to make sure we don't go back to that place—,"

"But we are going back, Levi." I cut him off. "I don't want to."

"Then call Nat and tell her you don't feel comfortable doing it. She'd understand."

"No, 'cause I want to be able to watch you and make sure you're okay. And it's a huge facility. They'll get lost and probably die if we don't help them."

"Okay, drama queen. But we should get up and start getting packed." Levi got out of bed and went over to one of his bags. "I'm gonna get a shower first."

"No way, girls first." I got up and threw the blankets off of me. Just as Levi was getting to the door, I slammed it shut with my magic and then pulled his foot out from underneath him. Gray wisps left my fingertips and wrapped around his ankle. Then while he was down on the floor, I stepped over him and went into the bathroom.

"You play dirty!"

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