Alpha I need you

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What did I do three weeks ago? Did I tell my alpha? Did I tell him I was practically being stalked? There's one thing I'll say though, I'll remember that day. 

The second week went by fast. With a secret I kept in, I was unusually quiet. I didn't talk to anyone. Not even My two best friends. When I walked out of that cafe I was numb all over. Thinking about the worst that can happen.

It wasn't until I was locked in my room that my parents knew something was wrong. I was currently laying on my bed with the curtains shut. The room pitch black just like my dreams. I know I should do something and not mope around but my heart was hurting as well.

I miss him. I know I should stay strong but it hurts that he could just forget I was even there. Dumb mate shit. I could've been better off not having one. Especially an Alpha.

Curling in a fetal position, I tried to keep my breathing relatively slow. That is until I felt a sharp pain in my lower abdomen. Arching my back off the bed I screamed. Clutching the the bed sheets I panted. It was like Someone stabbed my stomach and just twisted the knife around. Gasping for air, I screamed even louder.

The pain was excruciating But I kept at it anyway.

“Scarlet!" Screamed my mother.

My parents entered the room and immediately surrounded my bed.

“What's Happening, Scarlet What happened!?" Dad shouted. Both sounded Extremely concerned for their daughter.

I tried my best to speak but failed miserably, “I-I d-d-ont-"Screaming the last part out. “Know!" A few tears escaping. 

“Honey go call the pack doctor. Now." Dad rushed out of the room.

My arched back still in the air while I breathed heavily.

“Mom, w-whats Hap-pening?" I said through clenched teeth.

“Sweetheart, Do you have a mate?" Shit, I thought.

“No," I lied. She couldn't find out about alpha and I. No one can.

“Your lying." she said Looking straight in my eyes.

I knew I had to tell her sooner or later but instead I kept my mouth shut. That is until two words came put of her mouth.

“He's hurt."

My mind became blank so did my facial expression. I became numb like before. My breathing increased and my eyes widened.

Gasping, I shouted. “You don't know that!" How could she know. For all I know I could be giving birth. Well ok maybe not, but how could she know?

“Because when your dad got hurt in a pack fight I felt every excruciating pain he felt. Mates are connected even if not fully mated. You'll share each others pain."

I grind my teeth and close my eyes trying to fight off his pain.

“Who is it?" Mom asked.

Opening my eyes, I met hers.

“No one." I replied.

She gave me a stern look before asking again.

“No one." I said again.

But the time I said that The pain came back harder.

mate,' howled my wolf.

‘I don't know what's wrong!'

‘We need him,' she says.

‘I know.' I say. Not really in the mood of fighting.

Scarlet?" A weak voice in my head say. The only voice I know I'll answer to.

James?" My voice came out as a whimper.

“Help," He said. He sounded like he was distraught.

“Where are you?"

No answer


No answer

“James, Where are you!" screaming in my head.

I panicked when the pain left. Where was he? What happened to him? My mind completely skipped the fact he was being watched as well. My muscles clenched and I screamed out a name I never thought i would.

“James!" I screamed out. Looking towards My mom, who looked completely confused, I asked her a question.

“Mom, where's James?!"

“Who's James?" She asked.

“Mom, I need James!" Swinging my feet over my bed I stood up.

“Honey I don't know a James."

“Mom, I need to find him. I need Alpha James."

Her eyes widened as she understood what I was talking about.

“He went out with a group, circling the pack perimeter." She gasped.

“Tell the pack members he hurt. I need a group with me to search for him." Surprised that my voice came out sounding with authority.

“Okay, you need to go fast." She said. I couldn't go a day without my mother.

Walking quickly towards I kissed her cheeks and wrapped my arms tightly around her.

“Thanks Mom. Oh and don't tell dad yet would you."

Hearing her laugh and return my hug, “I love you and be careful."

“I will," I said before rushing outside.

One thing came crashing down in y mind. One thing I tried to keep hidden.

“Alpha James I need you," I whispered under my breath.

Quickening my pace I Ran towards the pack house. Who knows what'll happen.


Like I said I updated!!!!!!! Things completely changed. I know!! I had Writers block for a few days. That is until something came to mind. I hope you enjoyed this chapter.



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