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Pen Your Pride

Justin Biebier (Anti fan fic) Chp. 1

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     CAUTION!: If you like Justin Bieber TURN AROUND! GO BACK FROM THE LAND YOU CAME! Also: none of this is true! Absolutley none! 

     Justin Bieber was my BFF.  I was a tomboy, young and tough. It was easy to make friends with boys back then, before all the cliques and stuff. It was before he was fameous. He was always good at music and junk.

     I guess I shouldnt hate him, but I do. Hey, who could blame me? He ditched me! He used me! And my Bff Meg. I was angry. BEYOND angry. I loved him. For a while. Until he used us. GOD! Why did he have to do that? 

     I liked to let him push me on the swing. I felt like I could fly. And it was the best feeling ever! I loved the swing but hated the slide. It killed the flying feeling. It made me frown. Justin liked the see-saw.

     "The perfect balance" he used to say.

     I agreed. He had always wanted to have kids, 2, 1boy and 1 girl. I always didnt really care about it though. I didn't like to think about the future.

     I never knew what would happen. That Justin would turn into (shudder) Justin Bieber. I always wanted to marry him. I always loved him.

     But this is the story of how I died, and how I killed Justin Bieber. He twisted my heart so I messed him up. I killed him.

     This is the life, and death, of Jennifer Duan. A.k.a, me.

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