An Introduction to Teesh Saga

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You can hold Power or you can hold morality, you can never hold both.

Far way from us, another world lies, a land shrouded in enchantments, and crowded by species unknown to us. The castles raise their walls higher than the mountains and the latter spirales to be taller, alluring towns scatter before the hexed forests with rivers that stream enchantments along, and statues sculpted into bygone gods stand huge and proud. This world is known as Rangen.

Rangen is not a huge world as ours, it cradles only six islands, but who knows there maybe more to this magical universe, as of now there are only six Islands in Rangen known to the people. The first one is The Merry Island, the land of resources people call it, some prefer the land of happiness, the second island is The Fairy Island, the land of magic is what people wish to call it, the very wind blows magic in that island some claim, and little fairies swishing around their gleaming castles clutching thin wooden wands is not new, The Fision Island is the third one, you will come to know about this rocky island later on in the story, the Fourth Island is The Misgora Island, the land of Beasts is what people of Rangen describe this island as the twelve foot beasts are mainly found here residing in their giant houses coiling up to peck the clouds. The winter winds blow freezing bones beneath the flesh in the Fifth one which is called The Cold island, nothing but ice mountains and cities mustered in snow strike the eyes here, people claim that the deeper you go in this land you have a fair chance of turning into ice. Now the sixth one is the island people here barely talk about, it is known as The Forbidden Island, hope that you have guessed it by the name now that it isn't allowed to even go near this Island, very little is known about it, scary creatures creep in this land under the shadows of the dark forest and flog around the realm of the other beings.

As lands here are different so are the creatures, not only one race breathes the air of Rangen, there are six, The humans, gifted with wit and cunningness. The Tondars bestowed with a long life, even a thousand years is also believed as a short life, they possess not much different appearance from humans but you could spot them by the shiny silver hair atop their heads. The tall scary, pointy eared Beasts are one of the races that live here, skin draped on their bodies is hard and wrinckled, teeth inside their mouths, serrated and sharp, eyes mostly yellow and size twice of a tall grown man. The Angels are the most beloved race to God, they have the gift of strong magic, some say they have white feathery wings hidden behind them, some agree not. A rank lower than the Angels are the Sorcerers, they too clasp the power of magic but not as strong as the former. The twinkling and tinkling Fairies are the sixth race, never have they found themselves creating a problem for others.

All these races were created to live together in this extra mundane world but the lust for power is stronger than harmony and peace, a squabble began on which race was more superior. Humans said they were the cleverest, Tondars declared they could live the longest while Beasts claimed they were the strongest.

Armies of the three races collided and a war commenced, thausands died, mothers lost their sons, children lost their fathers and brides lost their grooms but the war did not stop.

Humans outdid the rest with their wit, Beasts smashed the both with their strength while tondars stood firmly with their huge army as a result of their long life. No one was winning, all of them were standing in the same position, but the war did not stop.

The smell of Death was flowing with the air, the sight of blood was dancing in the eyes and screams of the dead were echoing in the ears. Angels and fairies tried but still, the war did not stop.

Another race was then created, stronger than the rest. They had the wit and appearance of a human, strength of Beast, Din't had a long life but entailed a power much more stronger, no one could ever kill them they can only die a natural death. This race was named FISIONS

no one could stand in front of their power, many tried to kill them but they were unaware that it was the impossible, Humans, Tondars and Beasts knelt in front of the race of Fisions.
The only purpose they were sent to this world was to stop the war and so they did, war of the three races slowly came to an end.

As God wanted, everyone learned to live jointly, but happiness was just a guest for a little time. Fisions pledged to keep everyone safe and together till the last day of the world, but the ones who believed them were deceived. As the days passed, Fisions realised what power they hold and with that power they sqiudged the rest.

Other races were sunk into the torture and subjugation done by the Fisions. Other races were the slaves while Fisions became the masters, they ordered others obayed , they ordered others obayed , the ones who refused got killed.

When there was no sign of Fisions perceiving their mistake, God decided to explain them the purpose of their creation, but Fisions were immersed in the pride of their power.

"Do not!" The God said, yet they did, "Do not!" God commanded but again they disobeyed, "Do not!" God said the third time, "yes we will!" There actions spoke.

When hope was fading away, God created another race, a race which possessed powers as strong as Fisions but they were made with a pure blood, a pure soul and a pure heart, they were sent to save the rest from the persecution done by the Fisions. This race was named Forbedders.
Forbedders boasted the power to kill the Fisions, the only race to have that. But even God committed a mistake, he bestowed Fisions with the power to kill anyone on the time of their creation, thus Fisions were also able to kill Forbedders which made a statement very clear

Only a FISION has the power to kill a FORBEDDER
Only a FORBEDDER has the power to kill a FISION.

This increased the aversions between the two which gave birth to a war, a war between the two most powerful races in this enchanted world.

This war between Fisions and Forbedders was known as TEESH which meant bloodshed in ancient ranganese language.

Forbedders stood against Fisions and gradually ended their rule, from that day Fisions had only one aim, an aim they could do anything to achieve, which was to rule, which was to conquer and which was to dominate again, but every time they strived Forbedders halted their efforts, and like this the war between them is going on since thousands of years.

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