Chapter 1

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The sun shines down into a forest clearing. Beneath a tree sits a girl, dressed in a hakama, the sunlight reflecting off her long white hair framing a heart-shaped face with delicate features. A sheathed katana is at her side. Her forest-green eyes are fixed on a shape circling in the sky. As she watches something tugs at the edges of her mind. Closing her eyes, she finds herself standing in a courtyard. Before her stands someone she has never seen before.

Elrond: "Greetings, Lady Miyuki."

Miyuki: "Greetings, stranger. Who are you?"

Elrond: "I am Elrond Half-elven, Elven Lord of Rivendell. I come with a request."

Miyuki: "What have you come for, elf lord?"

Elrond [serious]: "Darkness is rising once again. Deep within Mordor, the Dark Lord gathers strength. All must unite to stand against him. For this, I request your strength, Dragon Master."

Miyuki: "My strength? My dear elven lord, give me one good reason to protect this land. My family died at the hands of power-hungry humans. My home was burned to the ground by the very same people. All because of the power I possess. Are you asking me to use this power to protect those who stole everything from me?"

Elrond: "I have no reasons to give but will you make others go through the same loss as you have, Lady Miyuki? When the Dark Lord sweeps through this land, many will die. Like you, people will lose their family, friends & homes. Can you, knowing the pain of loss, turn your back on children who may find themselves in the same situation as you?"

Silence hangs over them.

Elrond: "There is a council in three days. I hope to see you there, Dragon Master."

Miyuki opens her eyes, the mind communication over. She had heard of Elrond Half-elven, the Lord of Rivendell. She had never met him as she had been living in isolation since her home was destroyed. She considers the conversation. Thirteen years ago, when she had finally grasped the fact that her family was dead, she had cut-off all connections with the outside world, deciding that she would have nothing to with it. The elven lord had given her something to think about. Could she turn her back on children who would be like herself?

Voice: "Miyuki."

A shape dives down from the sky. Just before it hits the ground there is a flash of white light. As the light fades, a man lands in front of Miyuki. He wears a white shirt & black pants under a patterned haori jacket. Long dark hair tumbles down over his shoulders, framing his face containing regal features. He kneels in front of Miyuki, his silver grey eyes meeting her's as she looks up.

Miyuki: "Raiden."

Raiden: "Your mind is disturbed. What happened?"

Miyuki: "Lord Elrond of Rivendell. Darkness is returning to these lands. Did you know this?"

Raiden: "I have sensed it coming. It will soon be upon us."

Looking down at her feet, Miyuki remembers the time fifteen years ago. The pain she'd felt when she had come to the understanding that her parents were dead. She had been too young & powerless then. If the darkness spread, many other children would become like her. She had power now. Was it time to use it?

Miyuki [soft]: "Can I truly turn my back on this land? Is it time to return to the outside?"

Raiden [gentle]: "The choice is yours. Whatever you choose, I will follow you."

Standing up, Miyuki takes her sheathed katana & slides it under her obi. She couldn't abandon this world after all, not when there were those who would need her help. She looks at Raiden.

Miyuki: "We head for Rivendell."

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