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(Natalies POV)

"Oooh, what's going on heather" Kendall and I jump apart to see James and Stephanie standing there with huge grins.

"Heather?" Kendall asks confused.

"Yeah" answers Stephanie, "So, what's going on?"

"We were just uh.." James glances at the piece of paper in Kendall's hand and before Kendall could get it, he snatches it from him.

"James, give it back" snaps Kendall.

"First let me see it" Stephanie rushes to his side to read the paper also. Their eyes slowly stop at the bottom of the paper in confusion. Then they open wide up.

"Aww, Nat! That's so cute!" says Stephanie.

"Right.. Thanks"

*5 hours later*

I couldn't believe this. I was dating Kendall Schmidt! I was laying in bed thinking about all of this. Stephanie was sleeping and for some reason kept twisting and turning in her sleep. I looked at her and sighed. My hand went to her hair and I started stroking it. She seemed to relax a bit.

I don't understand why Stephanie's acting so weird. About all the makeup and the way she behaves is different too. I'm not saying its abnormal but it's not like her old self. She was always girly but all her emotions are so exaggerated. Like when she's happy she's TOO happy. When she's excited, she's REALLY excited. She wasn't like that before. In fact she was a shy girl. Now she's changed.

As I was busy with those thoughts I saw something outside. I climb out the bed and look at the figure. It was someone standing outside the porch just staring at the door. A boy. Then his head shifted up and saw me. It was two seconds of a complete eye contact and my heart started beating faster. It wasn't anyone from the house. It was someone else. My first thought was a fan but it looked like a young man around his late 20s. He also had a frown on his face that no excited fan would have. I looked at him in confusion and the figure ran away.

*Night Later*

I woke up to someone breathing on me. As my eyes fluttered open, I saw kendalls huge face.

"Dude! Kendall!"

"Hi" he said with a huge grin, "I made breakfast"

I smiled, "Okay. I'm coming" He smiled at me and left. I went to the bathroom to see Stephanie standing there putting on makeup. Then I remembered last night.

"Stephanie, I forgot to tell you! Last night I was laying down on my bed when I saw this thing outside. I went to go see and it was this man just standing outside of the door staring at it" Before I could continue to the next sentence, she dropped her whole set of eyeshadow on the floor and the sink.

"Stephanie! You got eyeshadow everywhere!"

"S-sorry" she bent down to pick it up. When she got back up she looked worried.

"Stephanie? Are you okay?"

"What? Oh yeah I'm fine"

"You know, I was kind of scared to ask you this but, what's gotten into you ever since I came back from my dads house? You've been acting weird and I know you put on makeup before but I mean I don't remember it being that much"

Her head slowly turned my way. Her eyes were wide open and bloodshot.

"Are you okay what happened to your eyes?" I ask worried.

"Oh nothing probably got some eyeshadow in it. Well i dont know about you, but Im hungry. Guess well have to talk in breakfast" and with that she ran away.

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