To The Naruto World?!

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Hello I'm Y/N and my life consists of school, anime, manga, and some other activities. Before you ask yes I am an otaku/weeaboo as everyone calls me. Well anyone who acknowledged me. Honestly I'm not one to care too much about what other think so I spend every moment of free time watching anime or reading manga. But lately I've been watching the anime known as Naruto and recently started Naruto Shippuden. Yet there are thing I would do to change the deaths that happen but still keep it on the plot. If only I could. Yeah I know it's not possible but still my routine can get rather erm boring. How do I have so much time? Well you see I had parents but they died when I was five or as the reporters say are 'missing'. Yeah right I also don't have friends because everyone seems to think I don't belong. So I live alone and to say the least it's well lonely. Anyways I can relate to some of the characters in Naruto.

Yeah really wish I could go into Naruto. It would be so cool. Well looks like it's time to go to be-, huh? *Crash*

"Hello?" I say timidly. Never has anyone wanted to have anything to do with me so what's going on? It's probably nothing or just some dumb prank.

"Hello, I am a demon and it's time to send you away. Forever~." A creepy voice comes. It sounds raspy like it isn't used often but why is it here? Surely I'm just hearing things.

"Oh child keep think that what was that Naruto hmm? Well then let's see if you can change anything or if you're too weak." He, I'm sure it's a he, says and I respond angrily "Child, I'm practically-" I pause, wait seriously Naruto, "Seriously? WAIT! WEAK?!" The voice laughs evilly and says, "It's time Y/N L/N let's see what you can do. Remember your imagination and creativity can save and change your life." With that he began to count down, "Three." Huh wait, "Two." Oh gosh this is actually happening, "One." I see a black vortex appear in front of me. A force pushes me in and I black out.


I wake up on a dirt path not my bed for one. Two I feel light headed. Three is just a question. What in the absolute crap just happened?! Ok think Y/N. Oh yeah demon, portal an- WAIT! I scream mentally and look down. My clothing has changed somewhat to something that I can move around in easily and my shoes are the ninja shoes from Naruto. Well that happened. Let's see what I can change er no what time period it's in. Hmm..

"Gah, this is frustrating an-"

"Hey, who are you and what's yo-. Hey are you ok?" I look up and see the gates to Konoha and face palm. Then look at the person who was talking. Guess what it was Izumo. And Kotetsu was next to him. The fricken guards from Naruto. Let's just say they're lucky I'm NOT one of those fan girls that would act differently, weirdly, or just run up and hug them because heh yeah. I can understand them but I don't speak japanese well I guess that was just include huh? I think zoning out until, "Oi, are you going to answer us or are we going to have to take this up with the Hokage?" Kotetsu asks impatiently. This is actually happening! I feel oh I should probably answer, "W-well er y-you s-see I erm- *sigh*" Great intro let's start over, " I'm Y/N. I would actually like to talk with the Hokage about s-staying here." I curse myself for stuttering. I need to work on my social skills.

"And why is that?" Kotetsu inquires, rather harshly might I add. Jeez, well I guess he is the guard of the village, "Well, I'm terribly sorry but I don't know where else to go! Honestly I just woke up here and don't have anywhere else to go!" Wow, don't know where that came from.

I just realized my voice was a tad different when Izumo looks over and says, "Ok, we'll let you see the Hokage but first how old are you? You seem young to be traveling on your own. Where's your family?" I think for a bit on how to respond. Then think about my age in this er world? Realm? Dimension.

Finally I reply, "One, thank you. Two, I'm not so sure. Three, as far as I'm aware they died." I finish more confident than when I first woke up and get a look of pity. I hate those looks. Those stupid looks that say, 'I'm sorry for you' I mean how could they have fixed anything. Kotetsu glances at Izumo, "Ok, fine you can see Lord Hokage. BUT," He turns full to look at Izumo, "You're taking her got it?" Izumo rolls his eyes, "Yeah, Yeah. Come on squirt let's go."

He stands up and starts walking. He turns and gestures for me to follow him. I nod my thanks to Kotetsu and follow Izumo while trying to figure out my age not to mention, time period and how I'm going to fare in the ninja world. I was thinking so hard I didn't realize we were there. Izumo then guides me up the stairs to the Hokage's room. I suddenly realize how crazy I might sound and get nervous. Izumo seems to notice my nervousness and smiles lightly in reinsurance. I put on a small smile and wait as he knocks on the door. I hear a, "Come in," and Izumo opens the door. I was looking at the floor, I slowly rise my head and see it is indeed the third Hokage.

I take a deep breath, "H-hello m-my name is Y-Y/N. And I would like to stay here and p-possibly become a ninja of the leaf village." I state trying to calm my nerves.

"Hello, child. There is no need to be so nervous. Unless you intend to harm this village." I gulp and quickly respond, "No. I mean no harm to this village." Actually the exact opposite I think in my head. He nods approving with my response. Then I realize Izumo's whom I was just standing there awkwardly just shifted from one foot to another.

"Well that's good. Then I see no harm in letting you stay in the village. However I must ask you a few questions first." I respond immediately, "Of course. Except I uh would r-rather tell you the whole story without anyone else. NOT saying I don't trust a-anyone else it's just rather... complicated" I explain miserably, but Lord Sarutobi seems to understand and tells Izumo and some others that were there to give us privacy.


"Ok, child. Ready for the questions?" He asks seriously. I nod nervous on what he would ask.

"What's your last name?" I deadpan for being worried.


"How old are you?" I take that back.

"I'm ... not sure. How old do I look?"

"Around 12 years old. Why don't you know may I ask?" I was tempted to respond with 'no you may not ask' but decided against it and instead responded with, "That's what's complicated, well part of it, heh." I rub the back of my neck. Just a habit I picked up after watching Naruto.

"Could you explain?"

"I-I *sigh* Yes." He waited, "You see I may know some parts of the future depending and I-I well I wanted to be able to save lives without messing up the major events that happen. That's why I don't exactly know everything about myself. I also know of thing in the past, but I swear not to tell what shall not be told." He looked skeptical, but I mean who wouldn't a girl shows up and says she knows the future and past, yeah that's normal. After awhile he asks, "What do you know of the past?" He pauses and thinks, "And can you use chakra?" (There will be spoilers if you're not careful)

"Well for starters, I know the truth of the- the Uchiha Massacre. I know of Minato and Kushina's kid and of Obito and Rin. Also I don't know if I can use chakra" The Hokage looks shocked, "I see... Very well I will put you in the academy tomorrow. I trust that anything that was said in here will not leave this room right?" It was more a demand than question but I nod anyways. "Good, a few more things, Who are your parents?" I look him in the eyes, "I believe they are dead." He doesn't give me a sympathetic look probably because he know some people hate that look.

He then says the words that changed my life. Forever. Welll besides the being warped inside a different dimension. But anyways he looks at me and smiles softly, "I welcome you to Kohona, your new home." 

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