Chapter 5: Juniper

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Nick's P.O.V

As I headed for the back of the truck, I noticed something odd. All alone under a big oak tree was a little girl rabbit, she didn't seem happy, just sad. I looked over at Judy, but she was still greeting all of her other siblings to notice. I started to walk towards the little bunny, concern written in my face. She looked up at me, startled.
"Are you okay there, er, what's your name?" I asked.
Her face softened a bit. "My names Juniper, are you Mr. Wilde?" She asked me. I chuckled. "Please, just call me Nick." Juniper's face turned into a real, honest to god grin. I looked around me and saw a few lightly shaded pink flowers and got an idea.
"Say, Juniper? How do ya feel bout flowers?" I asked with my sly smirk. She looked up at my eyes, curiosity peaking.
"Well. I think that if the World was without them, life would be colorless, dull and sad. So I guess I love flowers." Juniper spoke warmly. "That's a good answer. How bout crowns?" I asked her. She looked up again and gave some thought to it. "Well they're okay I guess." She replied plainly. "Why?" She looked at me confused about the questions I asked her. I pointed towards the flowers and stood up and gently plucked a few by the bottom of the stem. I walked back over the oak tree and sat back down next to the young bunny. I took the time to notice how her light brown fur and beautiful blue eyes, and how the flowers would compliment the young bunny. "See this? Well I bet I can make ya a flower crown." I stated boldly to Juniper. "Okay, but I ain't betting, but I'm sure you can do it." Juniper smiled. Within 15 minutes, I had finished the crown and gently placed it atop Juniper's head. I noticed that she was smiling with happiness. "It's beautiful, thank you!" She beamed. I smiled back, not a sly smirk, but a genuine smile of kindness. "Nick?! Juniper, dear?!" I heard two voices yell out for us. I realized that it was sunset, time sure flew by fast. Juniper sprang up and held a paw out to help me up, I accepted and stood up. We walked back to the burrows, Judy looked at Juniper. "I was wondering where you were, June! I've missed ya sis!" Judy beamed as she embraced Juniper in a loving hug. As we walked inside, the dinner table, while impossibly huge, was already set up with dinner. Everyone chatted and enjoyed dinner. I noticed a few bunnies were asking Juniper about her flower crown, smiling at it and admiring it. I smiled, I knew I had helped a bunny to be happy again. And I was proud that I had helped someone, doing so always proved how wrong most animals were about stereotyping foxes. Foxes could be good, and I was one of  them.

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