Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

The Scouts were on the move again, traveling in convoy. Mike was driving, once again at the rear of the group. His muscles still ached from the exertions in the yard and the image of the once-beautiful woman advancing on him in mindless attack haunted him.

What was going on? It had really only been thirty hours or so since the troop had left the city for the survival camp. Everything had been normal then.

Not so much now. Every person they had met since leaving the camp was a crazed monster. And now, it looked like Connall could be considered one of that number.

The man had not ceased straining at his bonds or moaning like one of the possessed undead. Even Steve had broadly suggested leaving Connall with the creatures at the farm. He had no sooner said the words than he quietly climbed into Connall’s van and slowly drove off. Scouts didn’t abandon their own.

“Dad?” Kyle said from the passenger seat.

Mike looked over at him. “Yes, son?”

“Dad, what’s going on? Why are people acting so crazy?”

Mike checked his rear-view mirror and saw the other Scouts lean forward to listen. “I don’t know, Kyle. But I do know that acting crazy is the least of it. I think some of those creatures were dead before they attacked us.”

“Dead? What like vampires or something?”

“I honestly don’t know,” Mike said, shaking his head, troubled by the mental image of the eviscerated blonde coming for him. “Before today I wouldn’t have thought that undead monsters existed, but now…now, I’m just not sure.”

“They wouldn’t be vampires, Kyle. Vampires can’t exist in direct sunlight,” Todd said.

“What about those vampires from Twilight? Huh?” Kyle countered. “They went out in the sunlight.”

“Twilight isn’t real,” Todd said.

“No, but these things, whatever they are, certainly are,” Mike said quietly.

“So what do we call them?” Martin asked. He was staring out the window of the truck watching the trees pass by as he spoke.

“Dangerous,” Mike replied. “Look guys, I can totally understand if this has you worried. I’m worried too.”

“What about our families back in the city?” Martin asked, finally looking up.

“Let’s hope that whatever is going on hasn’t gotten that far, Martin,” Mike replied. “I’m hoping that whatever it is we found at that farmyard is isolated and hasn’t spread.”

“Do you think that’s true, Dad?” Kyle asked.

“You’re asking me questions I simply cannot answer,” Mike said. “I know it’s silly to say this but try not to worry. It won’t help us right now.”

“But what if the next place we come to has these things too?” Kyle asked. “We only have the one axe in the truck.”

“I know we do and before you guys start thinking about being heroes, I want you all to promise me that you won’t try anything stupid if we come across more of these things. Your job is to keep each other safe.”


“No buts, Kyle,” Mike said. “I want your promise!”

“Dad, I’m not going to promise that. I don’t think any of us can. If you are threatened, I’m going to do what I can to help you.”

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