×××Chapter 4×××

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×××Y/N's POV×××

"You seem like a nice and sweet girl. You want to make friends with everyone regardless of their personality. Why?" Max says. "Well. I'm just naturally a friendly person I guess." I say. He shrugs. "Hey Max!" I hear someone say. "Oh hey Ross." Max responds. I see that Ross was just passing by and decided to say hi. "Hi Y/N!" "Hey Ross!" And he walks off. "Hey I'm gonna hang with Red." I say standing up.

"No!" "Why?" I ask surprised because that's the loudest I've heard him. "I uh I mean no because he's uh recording." He stutters. "You okay?" He nods his head. I can see the nervousness on him. "Okay I'm gonna hang with Barney." I say hoping I can. "Okay. I'm sure he isn't busy." "Okay see ya later." "See ya." And I walk off to Barney's office. I walk down past a few offices and found Barney's office.

I knock on his door and he takes off his headphones and walks over to the door opening it. "Hey Barney!" "Hey's Y/N's!" "Am I interrupting anything?" I say. "No. I watching monkey's." I laugh really hard. "Okay Barney. Do you want to play games together?" "Sure. I's has notings to do." "Okay how does Minecraft sound?" "Good." "Okay I'll call you when I'm ready."And I walk off to my office.

I open my door and walk in, closing it behind me. I look around my office and see its completely empty still. I was gonna use my laptop for now and when the rest of my stuff gets here. I grab my laptop case with my laptop in it, put it on my desk and pull out my laptop, throwing the case on floor. I sit in my chair and open my laptop opening Skype and Minecraft.

×××Time Skip×××

After playing Minecraft with Barney, I decide to make a YouTube channel. After almost an hour of thinking, I came up with Y/C/N. (Your channel name) I think it sounds pretty cool. I decide to tell Adam what my channel is. I stand up and walk out of my office, looking for Adam. I see Ross walking by and I thought I could ask him where Adam is.

"Hey Ross!" He stops and looks at me. "Ye?" He walks over to me. "Where's Adam?" "Kitchen." "Of course. The only place I didn't check. Thanks!" I say and walk to the kitchen. I see Adam reaching into one of the overhead cabinets. I come up with a hilarious idea. I tip toe close to him and poke his side causing him to yell and drop what ever he grabbed. "What the hell was that for?!" He yells picking up the stuff he dropped.

"I don't know. I saw the opportunity as just went for it." I say laughing slightly. "So what do you want?" "Oh! I finally came up with a channel name!" "Yea? What?" "Y/C/N!" "That sounds cool! You want me to help you make it and everything?" I think for a moment. "No I'm alright. Thanks for the offer." "No prob." And I walk out of the kitchen to my office. On the way there I see Max talking to Ross with a very serious expression.

I decide to go see what they're talking about. Ross looks at me then Max follows Ross' gaze to me. Ross them looks at Max with a smirk and elbows his arm. Max looks at him with a pissed look and hits his stomach. I walk up to them, "Hey guys." "Hey Y/N." Max says. "Is Ross okay?" "Yea uh he umm. Fuck it. I hit him." "You alright Ross?" I ask. "Yea I'm fine." "Hey Y/N!" Someone calls behind me.

I turn around and see Michael walking my way. "Yes Red?" He stops in front of me and looks slightly nervous. He starts rubbing the back of his neck and asks, "Hey do you want to head out to get lunch with me?" "Sure. I don't see why not. Max and Ross, I'll see you guys later." I say turning back around. Max looks pissed and Ross looks like he's about to burst into laughter.

"Okay. Just be safe ya' here?" Max says. "Okay. Bye guys." "Bye." They say and me and Red walk out to the parking lot. He stops me next to his car. "Where do you feel like eating?" He asks. "Uhh. I don't know. Mall food?" I ask. He giggles. "Sure sounds good to me." And we get in his car and drive to the Mall.

×××Max's POV×××

After the two left I felt beyond pissed. "Dude he just stole her from you." He says trying not to laugh. "Fuck you Ross." "Hey," He says throwing his hands up in defense, "It's sorta true. He asked her to go to lunch with him and she said yes. What are you gonna do now?" I just stare at the ground. I don't know what to do to be honest. "I don't know..."

"Cheer up. Hell, she might not even know he likes her. Maybe she doesn't realize that he wanted to go on a date with her. You still have a chance." He explains. I look up slightly. "You really think so?" I ask looking at Ross. "I know so." I smile and hug him. I let go of him and take a step back. "Well I'm gonna go to my station and edit some videos." "Okay see ya." "See ya."

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