Chapter three

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When I woke up the next morning, it was 6 a.m. and I was not tired anymore .

I went to my dressing room.
It was huge and my mom fill it every months . I grabbed a sport short with clean Victoria Secret underwear , a crop top and my Victoria Secret sweatshirt .

I headed to my bathroom with all my clothes. I took a shower, dressed up, put my hair into a bun and I applied a little bit of make up.
Then I went down stair .

My father's men were in one of our kitchens . The one next to the mane door.

I needed to be careful if I didn't wanted them to see me. If they saw me they would call my father and I would have to run with a freaking bodyguard by my side !
No way , I'm 19, I'm not a little girl anymore.

I know how to use all types of guns and how to fight ! Nothing can happen to me.

I tip toed , grabbed my trainers and exited the house and then the propriety. I'm out and nobody knows so I can live a normal life for an hour or two.

It was 7 a.m. by now.
I put on my headphones , my hoodie and sun glasses. Nobody can recognize me in case my father's men were on my way.

I began running . Twenty minutes later I was next to lovely lake, I could see the sunset... It was beautiful.

I felt something prickly on my back and it went all black .


"Fuck..." I said in a raspy voice.
I woke up alone in a big room attached to a chair.

I'm not stupid , I'm not like : what's happening, am I dead ? ... blabla. No, I know I have been kidnapped... but by who and why ?
It's not the first time I'm kidnapped, it's like the 10th. All my kidnappers ended up dead anyway.

"I'm up ! You bastardo who kidnapped me , show me your fucking face ! " I shouted then I waited for the person in question to show up.

The door in front of me burst open.

"Ciao bella " Tino said.

"Fuck it's you . Are you insane ? Do you know who I am and what my father will do to you when he will know you kidnapped me ? " I was so angry at him , I hated him.

He didn't answer, he stepped closer.
He was right in front of me.
He bend down on his knee so our faces were at the same level. He leaned closer. I really thought he was gonna kiss me but his lips went to my ear.

"The real question mia cara is do you know who I am ?" he said sending chills in my body.

He then removed his head so he could face me again .

"You are Val..." I stopped when I saw his eyes.

" Tino Albrizzi " I said with a little voice .
This man was really intimidating .

" Good girl." He said with his freaking smirk .
Why can't I answer? What's happening to me ?

"I've heard a lot of things about you Ms. Ricci ... but when I see you right now I realize that you are not what people say you were " He said as he moved his face closer to mine. I can't think clearly when he is this close, his eyes are like poison.

"What are they saying ? " I whisperer. My curiosity was always stronger then my brain.

"That you're extremely sexy and with that they aren't wrong " he said as he put both of his hands on my thighs. Our face were so close that I could smell his minty breath when he talked.

"They also say that you have a big mouth, a strong character and you are very smart .
They describe you as a respectful and powerful woman but all I can see right now is a dumb whore who just wants one thing in her big mouth and it's my dick. " He stood up, took an other chair and sat in front of me.

I was in chock.
But when I realized what he just said my hate was back.

"What did you just said ? " I said with a calm and cold voice straight into his eyes. A technic of my father.

"You heard me and I never repeat myself " He said with a cold stare similar as mine.
He wants to play this game ? No problem.

"Say It to my face if you are a real man" I replied.

He stood up and his lips went to my ear "Do you really want me to show you if I'm a real man ?"

It's official! He is bipolar, this man is bipolar.

When he said that I could feel a strange sensation down there.
Why my body was reacting this way to his words ?
"He is a pig Camilla! " I told myself.

"I'm sure you're already wet cagna " He said as he bit down my earlobe.

"No I'm not "

" I hate liars " We were now face to face.

"I'm not lying" I'm lying.

"Let me check then" He said as his left hand moved in between my thighs.

I closed my thighs so his hand was blocked.

"Don't even think about it."

"With woman I don't think bella, I do" He then used his right hand to open my tights.

I couldn't do anything , my hands were attached and he was in between my legs so I couldn't use them to hit him.
I was scared. Nobody touched me there before and he was gonna steal my first time. This asshole.

I started crying.
For the second time in my freaking life I cried because of this cazzo .

" Stop, please" I whisperer as tears started to fall down my cheeks. I was helpless.

He stopped and stood up .

"Someone is gonna come to explain and show you where you will stay " He said then leaved.

This man is officially bipolar . Maybe tears are his weak spot, it's strange for a mobster...
And wait explain me what ?
I will stay where ?
What the fuck is going on here ?

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