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G'day Wattpad!

First off, thank you so much for clicking on this book! It means the world to me when people read my writing and even more so when they enjoy it. I just have a few things to get out of the way and explain before we begin Lillian's adventure with Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

a) I wrote this before Age of Ultron and before Civil War was released, and I know this may sound a bit heated and rude so I deeply apologize for this, but if I hear one more comment about Clint having a wife and kids and therefore can't be with Natasha, my head just may spontaneously combust into tiny little Tara brain bits. Just letting you know, in case you don't exactly feel like triggering a traumatising moment for anyone that would be around me if I did so. I do start to fix this in the second book, so there is that.

b) Same deal as 'a' here, but I'm less upset about this because this is just an honest to god misunderstanding between us because I was stupid enough not to mention this before. I should've mentioned this the moment I uploaded the first chapter of this book instead of waiting until I'm partway through the sequel, but I combine Marvel and DC comics together in all of my fanfics. Obviously, one comic is the prevailing one depending on the book and who the love interest or relative to my OC (own character) is, but there will be mentions and cameos and maybe slightly important roles played by any character from any of the two comics. If you don't like that, then I apologize but that's just how things work in the land of my estranged comic fic writing.

c) I was still fairly new at this when I started writing this book, so there are times where you may find my OC a little OP (over-powered) but everything gets amended/explained/reasoned with later on. Also, the first half/third of this book isn't written to the best of my abilities (honestly, it's wack, trust me), but the rest of it is and I'm slowly going through it and writing it better (as you will see by the state of the first few re-written chapters).

If you're still around after all of that, then a) I love you and b) you're clearly crazy but I still love you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and clicking on it in the first place. I hope you enjoy my story (well, technically Lillian's story) and that's all for now, bye! :) xxx

~ T.L

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