Seven- In Love

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^Tada, chapter title

Thalia's POV-

"I was on my way to visit my friend Percy down by the lake when I saw," I squealed the most fangirly of all squeals.

"When you saw what, come on Thalia," Bianca encouraged. The two of them had become good friends the past few days and we're currently cuddled up together in Bianca's drafty room.

"You were right,"

"About..." She motioned for me to continue.

"Nico and Will are totally in love," Bianca and I both squealed.

"But how do you know?"

"They were having this super cute romantic picnic and they totally kissed!"

"Oh my god," Bianca looked stunned, "Really, and Nico let him?"

"I'm pretty sure Nico kissed him."

Bianca smiled and a tear came to her eye, "Oh my little brother just had his first kiss."

"Really?" Thalia smiled, "Will must be one special guy."

"Tell me about it, Nico doesn't even like being touched."

"Omg they are so my OTP!"

"Okay I have no idea what you just said Thalia."

I laughed and started to lean in towards Bianca, our faces an inch apart when someone started excitedly banging on the door.

"I'll get it," I groaned internally. This better be worth it.

When I opened the door I saw Nico smiling widely on the other side, this seemed to surprise Bianca who was still on the bed on the other side of the room.

"Oh Thalia hi, is Bianca here? Oh yeah there she is," Nico talked rapidly and ran inside the room.

"B, I do believe I'm in love." Nico sighed and sank into the bed.

"Oh yeah I heard about your and Will's date." Bianca laughed, looking over at me.

Nico eyed me suspiciously and blushed hard. I shrugged and laughed.

"You're not mad I stole your soon to be husband?" Nico chuckled.

"I'm happier seeing you with Will than I ever would be happy with him."

"Plus," I walked over to Bianca, "If Bianca here was going out with that ray of sunshine I couldn't do this," I gave her a quick kiss and winked at Nico.

"Oh yeah, that too," Bianca blushed. Gods she's cute.

Nico raised his eyebrows, "jeez."

Bianca frowned, "What? You don't like that I'm with Thalia?"

"No not that at all, I was just thinking, dad's gonna be pissed."

The three of us started laughing hysterically, I looked into Nico's eyes and saw a look of pure joy. From what Bianca's told me about him, today may be Nico's first genuinely happy day in years.

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