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Rant #3: The Big One: Chris Motionless.

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Let me start by saying, holy Balz. The ignorance that lives in the world today amazes me.

Why ? Oh, you don't like Motionless in White, that's completely fine, but don't fucking slam them and then like a post about them or something that your least favorite member, Chris, said. That's so fucking hypocritical.

I'm going to talk about Chris a little bit, real quick.

The fact that he can take so much ridicule from judgemental fuckheads on a day to day basis and still go on like it doesn’t even faze him amazes me. He knows what he wants from life and he’s not afraid to speak his mind and say fuck you to whoever disagrees with him. He’s well-spoken and actually fucking uses his brain instead of being stupid, naive, and all around ignorant about things.

It pisses me off that people talk so much shit about him because of the way he looks. So he wears makeup, who gives a fuck? Get over yourself. You don’t have the right to judge him based on that because if you actually took the time to listen to his music or just hear him talk, even in interviews, you would know that he’s such a good guy and he’s not at all what you would expect. He’s passionate about things. He doesn’t like ignorance, and that’s a bad thing? Honestly, if you like ignorance you probably wouldn’t be reading this or you would be telling me how much of a piece of shit I am for liking him.

If you hate Motionless in White based on the simple fact that Chris Motionless is in the band, I have no respect for you what-so-ever. You're hating five other amazing people because you don't like Chris Motionless? What I want to know is, why does everyone hate him so much? He doesn't believe in God? That's his own preference. He's a Satanist? You're a dumbass.

Why can't people see that he's just like everyone else, trying and fighting for what he believes is right? The only difference is he can actually broadcast that shit and people will hear it. He's the same as everyone else, he just looks different

So, you don't like Chris Motionless, that's fine, that's your opinion. You don't like Motionless in White, once again, your opinion, but don't hate MIW because you simply don't like Chris Motionless. That makes you sound so fucking ignorant.

Was I offended about what you said? Yes. Absolutely. Chris Motionless, and Motionless in White as a whole, helped me through some fucking shit, and Chris is one of my heroes. You can bet your ass that I'm gonna defend my hero like he's my family, because in a way he is. All the band members that I consider heroes are like family, to me.

I don't care if that makes me sound stupid, but think about it like this, did their music help you? Did their words help you? Did you ever feel like they were the only people, or person, who understood you when no one else did? Did they make you smile when you were sad? Did they make you put down that razor, or that lighter? Did they make you stop hurting yourself? Did they make you feel better about yourself? Isn't that what family does? They help keep you on your feet, and that's what Motionless in White, along with other bands, did for me. So, yes, I will defend them.

I just think it's wrong that people try to bring Chris down when he's only trying to bring people up. I just don't understand it.


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