Chapter 2: A Friend

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Ben Pov:

Holding baby rey in my arms and watching luke run off, scared me. A feeling in the pit of my stomach dropped. How am I supposed to take care of a baby! This is my first time holding a baby for crying out loud!

As if the baby felt my distress she began to cry. I rocked the baby gently in my arms, lulling her back to sleep. She stopped her crying and tried reaching for my nose with her chubby little baby hands. Her eyes sparkled with such wonder and hope, it gave me hope.

I walked back to my dorm room and flipped on the light switch. I heard my roommate mutter, "uhhhhhh.... 5 more minutes..." I walked over to the boy and shook him awake.

He groaned waking up and rubbing his eyes adjusting to the harsh light. He cracked his eyes open looking up at me still lying in bed. He started laughing and cracking up on his bed and said, "I must still be dreaming because you're holding a baby! Ha! boy am I delusional!"

I scowled at him clearly showing my contempt with him. He smiled at me and jumped out of bed grabbing the baby from my stunned hands running out of the room. Shocked at the sudden emptiness in my arms I yelled "POE WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!" I chased after him with my feet hitting the ground hard chasing him through the maze of corridors.

He stopped and went through the kitchen doors. I followed in after him and found the baby bundled up on the counter as poe rifled through the fridge. He yelled at me, "What do babies eat?"

Tapping my foot impatiently trying to calm my internal anger I answered, "First! They don't eat this young, but rather they drink formula! Second... Why did you baby nap Rey, instead of just asking to go to the kitchen?"

Still rifling through the fridge he answered, "She looked hungry so I came here with her. I wanted to solve the problem before we had a crying baby on our hands!"

Sighing I replied "Think before you act! There is no reason to baby nap without explaining yourself!"

Still rifling through the fridge he responded in a snarky tone, "Actions speak louder than words my friend!"

I shook my head in utter disappointment at his dumb nature mumbling, "That not the Jedi way you fool."

He stuck his head out of the fridge carrying Milk and galaxy cookies (AN: similar to oreos) placing them on the counter saying, "What did you say ben?"

Changing the subject I said, "You know she can't eat those."

He poured two glasses of milk explaining, "I know, But we can!"

He dipped his cookie into the milk and shoved it into his mouth. I begrudgingly took a cookie out of the package and dipped it in the milk shoving it in the mouth. The cookies melted my mouth tasting sweet and chocolatey.

I couldn't help it as my face contorted from the once scowl of contempt towards poe to a jubilant expression as I savored the wonderful taste.

Poe smiled at me saying, "Good right?"

I nodded quickly snatching another cookie. Before I could eat my cookie there was something I needed to say, "Poe, you and I didn't always agree and have never been close friends. You're the most brash person I have ever met. Your stupid at times and..." I noticed Poe raising a skeptical eyebrow at me as I continued to rant.

Clearing my throat I continued, "however, your generous to others thinking of them before yourself." I motioned towards Rey and continued, "Your funny and are very perceptive of situations and I... I want you to be my idiot friend."

He flashed a warm friendly smile at me and said "No problem, however you have to be my uptight friend to put me in place. We need to balance each other out."

My eyes seemed a little wet as I had sorta just made my first friend. I blinked back the tears nodding and got up putting the galaxy cookies and milk away. I walked over to the the giggling baby and pulled rey up into my arms with a gentle touch. She closed her eyes feeling more at ease and fell into a deep sleep. I put a finger over my mouth to tell poe to keep quiet so he wouldn't wake rey up.

We quietly walked back to the boys dorm and into our room 666. (building 6 lvl 6 rm 6) I closed the door behind me after poe entered. I looked over to the clock as it read 12:37pm. It was quite late so I said goodnight to poe. He nodded and pulled himself under his his black cover that had spaceships all over it.

I sat gently on my bed crinkling the silvery satin sheets and black comforter. I rocked ray in my arms until I felt my eyes beginning to droop. I looked over to poe who was already snoring with his arm wrapped around a teddy bear.

Coming to a decision on what to do with Rey I laid the sleeping baby on the side of the bed and laid down on the other side. I fell my eyes droop for a final time as I fell asleep with Rey beside me.

I had dream tonight that seemed so real. I saw little baby rey grow up. I could see her age and develop. Her facial features became defined and she grew tall. However as she grew she became farther and farther away. By the time she reached her late teens I could barely see her from the vantage point in my dream. However she stopped moving so far away at that point. I could vaguely make out her breathtaking beauty. I could feel a pull toward her that became utterly intoxicating. However I also felt a strong pull behind me toward something dark and powerful that had such an allure. Torn between the two I felt helpless.

I woke up to see the dawn peeking through the clouds of our small window. I looked over to find baby Rey gone from the spot I left her in with a note that read: Luke ^_^

I walked over to the window to ponder the dream I had. Outside I could see the seagulls flying through the puffy pink clouds and orange sky. The waves crashed against the island leaving a soothing sound.

However, nothing felt soothing in my mind as my nightmare flooded back. I felt alone again... sure I had poe but... friends never last long. I began to think about the past which I hated doing. I remember how I was alone all the time when I was little. Dad was always away smuggling and mom was working as a general. I was raised by some maids who didn't really care about me, but the paycheck.

I was ecstatic to learn that uncle Luke was opening up an academy for Jedi. I would finally have someone who understood the force to help me unlike my father who never really understood what it meant to me. I thought that perhaps I would find even a father to look up to.

However I was quite wrong. Luke turned out to only care about training and always seemed to avoid me. It was as if he was afraid of what I was going to do. He worked me tirelessly and never seemed to really care about me as If I was the son he never had. Discovering he was a lost cause hurt more than I thought it would.

Poe would be my friend until the harsh reality that we are rivals sets in. I will just end up alone again. It was as if that dream I had, was a way to show me that I will always be alone In this dark never ending tunnel of loneliness and despair. I want to find the light at the end of that tunnel but it seems I will be forever lost. I went back and laid down onto my bed going under the covers to softly cry. Whenever I cried, I made sure no one could hear me and pity me. Theres one thing that I would never be. I may be lonely, but I will never be weak!

AN: After this Im doing a time skip of 3-5 years... so less baby Rey and more toddler Rey! I will do time skips every so often to show the progression of each character and there pasts. I will explain how everything come to be in the force awakens over time. Im not sure exactly how long the book will be, but If I was to guesstimate then it will be shorter, maybe 12 chapters? How long do you think the book should be?


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