Klaine'd Out [BoyxBoy Glee]

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Kurt and Blaine still lived at Dalton Academy, so they were technically living together. So, isn't that immoral enough as it is?

Kurt wanted an excuse to hold hands with Blaine, or kiss him til' he ran out of breath. But you know what Blaine wanted? 


(Kurt's POV)

He was a whole different dude this year, since the two have been dating for almost a year now. (the anniversery was coming up this weekend.) I had to get Blaine something, and all he replied with was 'Sex' or "You in my bed." So unromantic! If we're going to do it, we should at least do it somewhere special, like, in a meadow, or in a hotel room, or a hot tub, or in Lady Gaga's dressing room. Okay, scratch that, I wouldn't be thinking of sex, I'd be thinking of how that crazy bitch wears those colors. So tacky! Not to mention she wore meat, and Kurt was a vegetarian.

Blaine walked up and gave me a kiss on the cheek, and we strolled toward class. Not worrying about a thing.

This is the Blaine I knew. This is the Blaine that would get my pants off before sex-craven Blaine would. Pardon my slang!

-Kurt Hummel

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