Chapter Six

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A.N. Do you guys think I should name the chapters? Idk just a thought.

Nico's POV-

After Will and I had gathered food and some other supplies for a picnic, we headed out to the meadow.

I admit, my crush on Will had grown a bit the past few days. I even thought he may like me back, that is until he said he was taking me on the picnic to "get to know his future brother in law." I did not want to be Will's brother in law, or even his friend. Boyfriend maybe... No. I have to stop getting my hopes up, he will never like me back.

A maid by the name of Piper helped us carry out stuff up onto a hill that overlooked a beautiful lake, the water glistening in the noon day sun. By the lake sat a run down cabin, near docks that held colorful sail boats and other small boats.

"Wow," I gazed at the beautiful beach that lead down to the soft waves of the clear blue water.

"Yeah, beautiful isn't it?" Will said, laying a large, pale yellow blanket on the soft green grass, still wet with morning dew.

Will sat on the blanket and Layed out food and plates. He than patted the ground next to him, indicating for me to sit.

I sat pretty far away from him, but he just scooted closer. I huffed, still kinda mad about the brother in law comment, "If you think that a picnic will make it okay that you're marrying my sister than your wrong."

Will held up his hands in surrender, "Trust me, I want to marry just as much as you want me to."

I got defensive, "Why, is there something wrong with..."

"I assure you," Will interrupted, "This has nothing to do with Bianca."

Will took my hand and I froze, "Then why..." I stopped. Cut off my the blond Prince's lips on mine. I was shocked, I just sat there completely still until Will pulled away."

He blushed, "I'm sorry I just, I'm sorry." Will started to get up but I pulled him back and crashed my lips into his. He was shocked at first but soon started moving his lips with mine. After a minute I pulled away, smiling.

Will grinned, "Wow, I was sure you were going to reject me." He laughed.

"No such luck" I chuckled along with him. Best. Day. Ever.

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