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Karkat pulled on his gray tight pants. He already had his normal shirt on as he played with his soft, fluffy hair. "SHOULD I ASK TEREZI OUT? I MEAN, I'M ONLY DOING IT TO..NO! I NEED THIS. SHE IS CUTE, SMART, AND FUNNY." He smiled remembering how she looked. He grabbed his bag and walked to his dancestor's bedroom door. "KANKRI GET UP!" He yelled knocking on the door. "Go awvay!" Cronus yelled. "FINE, JUST KEEP MY BROTHER'S VOICE DOWN. HE WAS SO LOUD I THOUGHT I'D NEVER GET SLEEP." Karkat chuckled as he heard a small squeak and sheets moving.

He walked out of his three bedroom house and off the one place he hates more than life. School!


Terezi leaned on Karkat's locker as he grabbed his books. "TEREZI..I NEED TO ASK YOU SOMETHING." Terezi only nodded knowing what the question was. "WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME?" Karkat was super nervous, his palms were sweaty and his heart racing. Still, the only thought that was 'Is Dave seeing this?' That made lots of questions swirl in his head. 'Why is Dave on my mind?' Karkat ignored his thoughts so he could listen to the blind female troll.

"Sur3 1'd lov3 too." She said almost dryly. "OKAY WELL I'M OFF TO CLASS, BYE TEREZI!" Terezi waved her hand and walked off to see her real matesprit. The girl groaned as she sat in his car. "1 h4t3 you r1ght now." Gamzee looked at her and smiled. "No YoU dOn'T, yOu MoThErFuCkInG lOvE mE." The female troll rolled her all red eyes. "How long do m3 4nd K4rk4t h4v3 to b3 tog3th3r?" She hoped the answer would be a week or something. Her matesprit simply shrugged. "Until he doesn't need you." Terezi was not happy with that answer and ran to her morail, Dave Strider.

-Terezi's POV-

I ran to my hive after I couldn't find Dave at school. 'Is he okay?' I thought as I opened my the door to my hive. "Your hom3 34rly, wh4t's up?" My sister, Latula, asked playing with her matesprit's, Mituna, skateboard. I didn't answer her and when straight to my room.

---gallowsCalibrator [GC] started pestering turntechGodhead [TG]---

GC: H3y guy, why w3r3n't you 4t school?

TG: Because I wasn't in the mood to go

GC: W3ll, 1 n33d your h3lp w1th som3th1ng...

TG: Shoot

-Dave's POV (same time)-

GC: So G4mz33 m4d3 m3 go out with K4rk4t, but 1 don't l1k3 h1m 4nd G4mz33 sa1d 1 c4n only dump h1m wh3n h3's done w1th m3.

GC: Wh4t do 1 do?

I looked at the screen in shock and sadness. " dating Karkat?" I said out loud as my heart began to ache. 'Why in the ever loving fuck is she dating my man?! Well technically he's not mine..but still!' I only sighed and rubbed my temple. "Great, is this going to be like when I dated John?" I looked at my dark computer screen and saw my pale face and red eyes. "Is this suppose to be irony come back to bite me in the ass?" I thought about how to answer my friend's question.

TG: Idk man...I guess just date him but make him think he don't want you so he will dump you.

CG: Th4nks, 1 kn3w 1 could count on you!

---gallowCalibrator [GC] ceased pestering turntechGodhead [TG]---

'I need some advice..' I thought grabbing my apple juice. I headed to bro's room and knocked on the door. "Dirk, I need to talk." He let out a groan and opened the door, shirtless. I didn't mind that because it happens a lot but I wish I could unsee the naked and tied up Jake. "What do you want little man?" He said closing the door, hoping I didn't see my brother-in-law. "It's about love.." Dirk looked at me, his shades off and told me to wait in the living room, so I did. A few moments later, Dirk and a full-dressed Jake 'thank god' came down stairs. They open sat on the sides of me, on the small leather couch. "So, what's the problem?" Jake asked clearly turning into a super dad, as I call him.

"Well, my best friend is dating my crush. She doesn't know I like him and she told me she doesn't like him. She is only dating him cause her real boyfriend asked her too. I don't want this shit to end up like it did with John." I said squeezing my half full bottle of AJ. Jake pulled me into his chest and petted my hair as I cried. "Look, little man, I can't say go tell him/her you like them but I can tell you to keep your hopes up. If that person likes you, I'm sure they will ask you out." I pulled away from Jake's hug and wiped my eyes. "Okay.."

What they didn't know was that this would make a huge impact of Dave and Karkat's life~

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