Chapter 9: Dyslexia?

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Justin's POV:
Today Jaylie has a doctors appointment. We are going to see if she can keep the cast off  or get a boot. I go into her room to wake her up.
Picture of room above
I gently rub her to help her get up I sing her a song.

Jaylie's POV
I wake up to Justin rubbing me and singing "Hold Tight"
I was still so tired.
I started to fall back asleep until Justin said
I almost immediately shot up out of bed and grabbed my crutches. I crutched down the stairs and sat at the table. Justin gave me a big, fat, round chocolate donut. I gobbled that thing up. The appointment wasn't until 11:30 so I decided to watch a movie.

-------------time skip--------
Justin's POV
Jaylie and I were in the waiting room. Jaylie grabbed a book. She tried to read it but she got stuck on the first word. " Giggles" she tried but she ended us saying gigleys.( jig lys )
" No honey" I said" that word is giggles". "Oh giggles". It's sounded like she was mixing up g and j. I'm gonna make another appointment to see if she has Dyslexia. ( Dyslexia is a reading disease where you mix up words and letters like B and D and M and W and things like that.)
" Jaylie Bieber?"
We stood up. We followed the nurse to the room.  We got to the room with giraffes on it. Again. " hello I'm dr. Fitzherburt and I will be your nurse today. "He checked Jaylie's vital signs to make sure she is still alive and well. Don't worry she's breathing.  Her heart is beating so she's alive.
Dr. Fitzherburt left the room. I was sitting on the chair and then I pulled out my phone. I wrote something. " Jaylie, read this" I said. Jaylie turned around. It said. " make me believe". She ended up saying " wake we deileve." Huh. " No sweetie that's make me believe." "Oh"
" Justin?" She added. I looked at her. " is there something wrong with me?

How do you tell a six year old that she might have dyslexia?

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