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**Blaine's P.O.V**

  It was around 4:30PM when everyone arrived & we spent some time at the house talking & stuff then took the party to the back yard where the pool was as well. There were two tables in the left & right sides of the yard, both full of fruit, snacks & there was also a big tank of blueberry slushy.  Green trees were on both sides of the yard along with pink rose bushes. That was a lovely back yard and then there was the pool in the middle. _:"Okay fellows, are you ready to partaaaay?!" Puck shouted from a little stage he was on in front of the pool. Everybody cheered. Then Finn, Mike, Arti, Sam & I all joined puck on that stage & started singing. The girls all freaked out & started dancing. I couldn't find Kurt among them though. After the song was finished, Brittany turned on their stereo & turned up the music, then took her dress off & dived into their pool with her golden bikinis. Soon Santana, Tina & Mike joined her. I saw the rest of the people getting undressed too but still couldn't find Kurt so I went to look for him when something caught my eye. A shining angel was walking toward the pool. _:"Oooh... Wait!!! It's Kurt!" He was walking in his blue swimming shorts under the sun & his porcelain body was reflecting the sun rays that much that he reminded me of: Edward Cullen! His eyes darted at the pool, I noticed that the color of his swimming shorts matched his eyes. He looked flawless! As I was marveling him in my head, he turned & saw me:"Hey!" He waved at me. I was just enchanted by his beauty & felt the butterflies in my stomach go wilder. He changed his direction & came right toward me, I couldn't take my eyes off of his shining body. He reached me & said:"Sorry for disappearing, I was choosing a swimming suit to wear, I brought three different ones but didn't..."  I cut him:"You look hot!" Still staring at him.  _:"Thanks!" He came closer to me to give me a hug and then... _:"Blaine?! Is that..." He whispered a little scared. I flinched:"Oh my!!! I... I'm... I'll go get a drink..." And ran away before things getting way out of my control. I heard him giggling from my behind but I just kept going until I reached Brittany's bathroom. I splashed some water on my face & went to drink a slushy to cool down, but heard something in my way... Some one was crying... Considering everyone being in the pool I thought I was becoming crazy or something but as I listened better I heard the voice was coming from up stairs so I walked there & knocked on a door which had that crying person behind it. _:"GO AWAY BRITT!!!!" Screamed an angry girl. _:"Um... Sorry to interrupt you but this is not Brittany... I'm Blaine." I said through the closed door. After a few seconds of silence I heard some footsteps & the door got opened. A blonde girl around 16 was standing in the doorway looking at me, she had round blue eyes & some pure pain was flashing over them. _:"Are you... Okay?" I asked gently looking at her eyes. He just shook her head & started crying again. I don't know why, maybe because of my sensitive self, I hugged her & let her cry on my shoulder. To me it was like calming a friend. When she was finally done sobbing, went & sat on a bed then started to speak:"I'm Alice, Brittany's cousin. She invited me to her party & told me that I could bring my friends too. I was so happy & thought it can be my chance to actually make friends... Well... That brought me no chance & I still don't have any friends... Everybody thinks I'm a dumb looser... Nobody likes an unattractive, ugly, stupid..." I stopped her right there, sitting beside her:"Stop saying those things about yourself, Alice! If they don't become friends with you, it's their loss. And you are pretty!" I was trying my best to comfort her. I hate it when people think that bad about themselves. She looked at me with teary eyes, sniffing:"You think so?"  I put an arm around her shoulders:"Yea"  _:"Blaine, you are the first guy who has ever said that to me." She smiled & leaned in... I went back, standing quickly. I almost forgot that I can't complain a girl like that because they take it personally & then it'll lead to kissing & then... I don't want to think about it! _:"I'm sorry Alice but I am taken."  She sighed:"The best ones are always taken..."  _:"Would you like to come party with us?" I tried acting relaxed. _:"Yea sure" she smiled again & we walked to the back yard. She took her clothes off & joined Brittany as I saw Kurt running toward me in his Oh-My-God wet swimming shorts.  _:"Not again!!! No!!!! Focus Blaine!!!" I looked the other way trying to breathe. _:"Where were you Blainy?" He pouted sending goosebumps through my body:"Why do you still have your clothes on?"  _:"I... I am going to take them off & wear my swimming shorts in a minute." I said running away once again this time to really get changed. When I was done I dived into the pull as others were eating some snacks out of it. I had the whole pool to myself so tried to swim a bit. When I felt a grip around my ankle. I looked back to find a smirking Kurt tickling my foot. I started laughing & forgot that I can't laugh under the water so a massive amount of it went through my throat. I naturally held my head out & started coughing.  _:"I'm so sorry! Didn't mean to hurt you!" Kurt said smacking my back. _:"It's... *cough* okay... *cough* I'm... *cough, cough, cough*" I couldn't finish as the coughs got harder.

  **Kurt's P.O.V**

  I watched Blaine turning red & then a little purple. _:"What have I done!!! Oh my!!!" I said still smacking his back like it could work. Others were too busy to even notice my poor Blaine. The music was too loud so they couldn't hear his coughs. _:"What happened to Blaine?" Shouted a blonde girl I didn't know. Everybody turned their head to us. I turned my head to Blaine who was struggling for air. _:"He swallowed a lot of water... It's my fault!" I replied. _:"No... *cough, cough* It's not... *cough*" _:"Stop talking! Let me help you." Said the new girl holding Blaine's arms, pulling him out of the pool with Sam's help.  Once he was on the ground everyone came around him, looking worried.  The new girl sat beside him rubbing his back. Soon the coughs got less & he gasped for air.  _:"Thanks Alice!" Was the first thing he said. Alice?! How did he know her?  _:"I'm okay everyone." It took them a second to get back to what ever they were doing. _:"I'm so sorry for doing that stupid tickling..." I felt ashamed & looked down. _:"Aaah come on Kurt! It was fun!" He laughed. His adorable laugh! He sure was lying because it can't be fun, having that much pressure to cause you turn purple, right? But Blaine being the gentleman he is, he couldn't admit how stupid I was for doing what I did to him. We kept smiling at each other till we heard a cough. It was Alice. _:"Oh, Kurt, this is Alice, Britt's cousin. Alice, this is Kurt, my boy friend." We looked at each other & smiled:"Nice to meet you" we both said. _:"Thanks for saving Blaine."  _:"Any time." Then she winked at me & went back to the crowd to dance. _:"I wish I was out of breath & unconscious!" Blaine said kind of chuckling. _:"Why would you wish for such a horrible thing?!" I was sitting in front of him on the ground next to pool. He shrugged:"Then you had to give me CPR!" He chuckled more. _:"Aaaaaa now I understand! You know I can give you CPR, when ever you want me to." I grinned. _:"Can you skip the rest & go straight to the mouth to mouth part?" He looked into my eyes & his golden eyes started sparkling. With no other word, I laid him on the ground & hovered over him. He giggled & pushed me closer by putting his hands around my neck. Then we started kissing. First slow & then a bit more passionate & then... *SPLASH* We both pulled out looking at the pool. Quinn, Rachel, Tina & Mercedes were happy dancing out side of the pool pointing at puck who was gasping for air in the water. I think they pushed him into the pool or something. Blaine & I laughed & stood up. _:"Let's dance!" I took his hand & pulled my handsome, bushy hair boyfriend in the middle of the dancing people.

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