Tiny Klaine Stories: Pool Partaaay!

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{Author's note will be at the end.}


**Blaine's P.O.V**  

_:"So I'm repeating: this week we will perform songs from..." Brittany simply cut Mr.Schue:"I have an announcement." With a nod from an annoyed Mr.Schue Brittany jumped in front of the class:"So as you all seem so depressed & tired from all the school work you don't do..." We all looked at each other._:"I am throwing a pool party this saturday!" _:"Coooool!" Puck & Finn high fived while others started cheering & clapping their hands. _:"And I really want to invite you too Mr.Shue but then we all will be uncomfortable & so I'm sorry but you are not invited." announced Brittany with a poker face toward Mr.Schue. He forced a smile & the bell rang. _:"Ooooh I'm so excited for this pool party!!!!" Cheered Kurt like a 5 year old. He looked adorable! _:"So do you want to go?" I asked _:"OF COURSE!! Don't you want to come?" He looked worried. I wanted to tease him a bit so:"No, actually I already have plans for my saturday." I lied looking along the corridor as we were walking in it hand in hand.  _:"What? You have plans? What plans?" I didn't respond. _:"Blaine?" He called & as I didn't reply again he took his hand away, stopped me in my track & stared into my eyes. _:"I have some plans with my warbler buddies." I lied again but avoided his eyes. _:"And do your plans include Sebastian?" He was becoming suspicious & I was actually starting to laugh but controlled myself & replied:"Maybe..."  _:"Blaine Devon Anderson! I'm so coming with you!!! There's no way that I let you go some where with that horse teeth boy, alone!" He frowned & I just burst into laughter. _:"Why are you laughing?!" He crossed his arms angrily. _:"I lied, I have no plans just wanted to see you act like that!" I started laughing again. _:"What a lame joke!" He rolled his eyes & started walking again. _:"Come on Kurtyyyyy! Forgive me!" I said from his behind. He didn't respond so I paced the floor & stood in front of him. _:"Kurt?" I called & he looked at me with emotionless eyes. I did my one special trick then: the puppy dog eyes:"Forgive me?" _:"Aaaaaah I hate your puppy dog eyes!!!! I can never resist them!" He looked the other way. _:"So?" I asked still staring at him. _:"O...okay! Okay! Fine!" He gave up. _:"Yaaaay!" I took his hand & we went out of the corridor. _:"But I don't know what to wear!" He stated a little anxious. _:"Kurt, it's a pool party, you should wear a swimming suit, no big deal!"  _:"What an idiot you are! When you enter the party you should have cloths on & then later you take them off & wear your swimming suit to enter the pool & for the rest of the night." I nodded in agreement , then smirked & asked:"And will we take our swimming suits off later too?" He blushed slightly & punched me playfully:"Let's focus on our looks now!" I laughed & we went toward his car. . . .

**Saturday: 3:30PM**

  **Kurt's P.O.V**

  _:"What's the purpose of styling my hair? I mean we are going to a pool party, my hair will get wet & all the time I've spent on it will be wasted." I talked to myself in the mirror while using the hair spray to complete my hair styling routine. I was done getting ready by then & went down stairs as soon as I heard the door bell. Blaine supposed to come & pick me up, Finn was already gone to pick Rachel, my dad was working in the garage & Carole had a shift at hospital so I had to go & answer the door. I did so & found a cute dapper Blaine grinning at me in the door way:"Hey beautiful!" He was wearing red skinny jeans with a white shirt, a pair of leather black shoes & to complete the look a red & black bow tie. What made him even cuter was the fact that his hair was free of gel!  _:"You... You look gorgeous!" I said still staring at him. _:"So do you! But don't you think my hair is a disaster?" He pouted. I giggled & said:"Of course it's not! It's actually so cute! I love your natural curls!"  _:"Thanks!" He grinned again, took my hand & we went to his car. . . .

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