{Kyōtani Kentarō} You'll have to wait

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Ever since the match against Karasuno, Kyōtani has calmed down a lot. He looses his temper still but not as often. It's nice. I can talk to him and he won't get pissed at me. In fact, we became good friends, a lot of people noticed our growing friendship as well.

Whenever he looses his temper like he did before I'm able to calm him down with a few words. According to Oikawa, it's a 'manager thing'. Like when he caught Oikawa's girlfriend cheating a couple days after the spring tournament, and Aoba Johsai's loss. He flipped out, throwing his bag on the floor and walking stiffly to the gym. Then, when he got there, he lost it completely and let all his anger flow out of him like a waterfall. He hit balls over and over and over again while yelling things at people like he would have before. That day was a particularly hard day to calm him. Especially since he had become quite close to Oikawa. When Oikawa left he was actually sad about it. Same with the rest of the third years.

He became an important part of the team. He's still a powerhouse but doesn't knock anyone over to get the ball anymore. In fact, he's gotten better at volleyball now he's learnt to control himself. He is still absolutely terrile around strangers; a few weeks back one of the new first year girls tried asking him where the football pitch was, all he had to do was stare at er and she was running for the hills. But I've got to admit that it was quite funny.

"Good morning Kyōtani," I say brightly to the boy standing by the entrance of the school.

"Morning," he grumbles in reply.

"How are you this fine morning?" I stare at him with a huge smile on my face as we start walking towards the school building. "It's a beautiful day, you should be smiling!"

Kyōtani raised an eyebrow. "I'm fine." My smile grows as I laugh, shaking my head at his lack of response. He raises his eyebrow even more than before.

"Don't worry about it, you're just funny." We continue to walk through the usually student riddled school. My favourite part of the day is morning practice as it's so calm and I can talk to the team without getting my eardrums ripped apart like I do when it's after school. All the excitement of the school day ending gets to the first years, and some second and third, and it's near impossible to hear your own thoughts.

Pushing the doors open, we enter the reasonable quiet gym. "Hello everyone!" I yell. Kyotani, who stands beside me grunts as a welcoming. We're all used to this, he does it everyday.

I get groans instead of a proper reply, also, used to it. "Geez, you guys couldn't be more enthusiastic if you tried. I guess I'm not telling you what my surprise is..." I trail off, shaking my head with a slight, fake frown.

Upon hearing the word 'surprise' the group of boys turn every ounce of attention to me. "I'm not telling you until it comes now." I try my best to hide my smile as I join the coach on the bench, who gives me an inquisitive look. I smirk slightly and he already knows what I meant. And no, it's nothing dirty, get your minds out of the gutter.

Practice commences and the once quiet boys become loud and lively. I mean what I said, I'm not going to tell them the surprise until it happens, no matter how much they beg. Plus, they're only going to have to wait until after school. I hope they enjoy the surprise, heck! Who am I kidding? They'll love it.

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