I was walking back up the stairs from talking to the pack doctor.

He doesn't know if her wolf will come back, he said that we have to play it by ear.

I kinda broke a couple of his bones due to him annoying me because he couldn't figure it out since he's one of the best doctors in the in the continent.

I walked into the suite and went into the living room heading towards Alexandria and I's room.

When I turned the corner I saw her and James sitting on the couch smiling at the phone in her hands.

I growled at James for being too close to her.

He jumped up and bowed his head.

"Hi Matt"

"What is she doing out here?" I demanded.

"She didn't want to be cooped up in the room anymore so I let her sit out here with me."

"That doesn't explain why you to were so close." He ignored me and turned to my mate.

"I need my phone back Lexi" She looked up at him ready to cry.

"I'll tell Matt to download the game on his phone so you can play whenever you want" She smiled and handed the phone to him.

"Alexandria, can you go into your room so I can talked to James" I said as I glared at James.

"Do I have to repeat my question?" I walked closer to James clenching my fist after she went into our room.

"No, sir, I was helping her play the game... Also, I don't know if you'd want to know, I got her to open up to me a little bit."


"Well she had a brother and she said he's still part of her old pack and she wants to see him... I thought that'll be a great way to see why she would want to see the Alpha... Also I found out that she's scared of you because you look more frightening than her old Alpha."

"Ok, go down there today with a couple warriors and find him. I want him here so I could talk to him." I said as I started walking to go see Alexandria.

"Ok, umm...if you really want her to like you download this game onto your phone."

"What game" I stopped walking.

"Well, it's not really a game, it's to help her with her vocabulary, but she loves it." He showed me the name of it.

"Ok, you may go" He walked away as I walked into our room.

"Hey sweetie, do you mind if we go next door instead of here, I need to do some work and I want to keep an eye on you." She ignored me and stared straight ahead.

"I'll give you my phone to play the game." I saw her eyes light up and she turned and looked down at my feet.

"Come on" I smiled lightly and held my hand out to her.

She slowly stood up and walked to the door ignoring my hand.

I walked her into my office and got her situated on the couch. I downloaded the game on my phone and handed it to her.

I walked to my desk and started to work.

After a little bit, I looked up at Alexandria and saw her pouting at my phone.

"What happened" I kneeled down in front of her.

She handed me the phone and I saw that it died.

"Oh, this happens all the time, it just means you need to recharge the battery." I told her as I got up and looked through my desk for my charger.

"Here it is" I walked back to her and plugged the phone in. I pressed down the button on my phone until the screen lit up. After a couple seconds my phone turned back on and I put my pass code in and put the app back on.

"All fixed, sweetie" I smiled handed the phone back to her.

She smiled lightly and started to play again as I got back to work.

Sorry this update took longer. I just started working and until school is over (3 weeks), I'll be a little slower on the updates.

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