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Different emotions flashed on Ray's face as he went through the phone Brooke had held for less than seven hours since leaving the cell. She'd not yet even attempted to talk to her best friends yet. She hoped Detective Lomer had not yet tried to contact her.

"Detective Lomer," Ray said, as if reading her mind. "I see a missed call and text from him. I wonder what it says."

Brooke's heartbeat rose as she watched him. What was he going to do to her after finding out the truth?

His expression hardened as he threw the phone to the ground. "I knew it! You betrayed me, Kilden and you're going to pay for it. You're going to regret it for the rest of your short life. How dare you? Do you think I'm a fool?"

He crouched in front Brooke and slapped her so hard that she felt dizzy. He made a move again but halted midway because the door flew open.

"Hey man," Jason walked in,"Ah, there's my new favorite person. Just the person I wanted to see. By the way,I don't have to tell you this but I took something from your room last night. You'll soon get to know and your sister needs to be warned about who she hangs out with. Its sad that she doesn't listen to you, right? What a horrible sister!"

"Jason," Ray said. "What do we do next? I wish I could kill her right now. This little bitch reported us, man."

"Fuck," Jason said. "That sucks. Have you destroyed the phone? They might find out she's missing soon."

"Almost forgot," Ray smashed the phone into pieces using a hammer, "Can't wait to get rid of this b!tch and the kid. I'm tired of them. Kid can't stop crying and mother can't stop messing up things for us."

Brooke listened on, wondering what Jason had taken from her room. It was all mum's fault,always insisting that the she couldn't lock her room when she left. Why did Carey let him into her room anyway? Carey was going to pay if she ever got out of that shithole alive. Sisters are created to help themselves not put each other in harm's way.

Then a phone rang. Ray pulled out a sleek phone and answered. "What's it?"

Brooke saw visible signs of anger as he listened to the other person. His face flushed, fist clenched and he slammed on a table. Brooke was horrified knowing he might displace his anger on her once he was done.

"Who is it?" Jason asked.

"Marlon," Ray lowered his eyebrows. "The police know where they are and it's staked out."

"What?" Jason said, glaring at Brooke.

"All because of this her!" He yelled and kicked Brooke from the backside. The pain kicked in immediately and she cried out. "We need to go there as soon as possible."

Confusion set in and orders were given. She could feel the commotion in the building. She could hear people running up and down, trying  to pick up things  here and there. Ray and Jason left the room as two boys who looked like they were in their late teenage years entered and blindfolded her. They did their work so fast and effortlessly. They we're  probably used to this kind of thing. Without saying anything, they untied her legs and led her out where she was shoved in what felt like a trunk of a car which set off a few minutes later.

Marlon? Could it be the same Marlon she knew? She hoped not. What if he was? What if he'd been tricking her all this time? What if she'd spent three days in a cell just to protect the man who destroyed her? What if Marlon had known her before Twitter?

Brooke tried to get comfortable in the trunk in vain. It smelled like a place where dead bodies were dumped and she wished they'd tied something over her nose too. The blindfold and gag were of little help to her. Well, at least she couldn't see how dirty it was. There was probably some blood smeared somewhere since the people who'd put her there were murderers. They'd murdered her boss, if at all she still had the job anyway.

The car finally stopped somewhere and Brooke shuddered on hearing sounds of gunfire. At the thought of being shot, fear gripped Brooke. Her pulse heightened and she tried to think of nice things to calm herself and forget about the dangerous situation she was in. She tried counting to a hundred to get her mind off the perilous situation.

Brooke shrieked when she felt something touch the top of the trunk. Someone was about to open it and it'd all be over. Her daughter was probably in the same situation,waiting to see her mother get killed. Cold hearted killers are capable of doing anything, even to a young innocent child.

She didn't know how, but she'd fight up to the end to protect her own flesh and blood. Is she didn't manage to save Diamond, she'd die trying. There was no way she could live after knowing she'd caused her daughter's death. Why would she give her life and not defend it? She was going to be strong, stronger than ever before just for the sake of her daughter. No one ever said motherhood was easy.

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